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Event for the Week Feb 10th-16th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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MeggaXP V

Fresh off the success of Blood Bash 19, we are proud to officially announce MeggaXP V!

MeggaXP V will once again be coming back to the Commonwealth Commerce Center in downtown Jackson, MIchigan, will be the fifth iteration (obviously) of Michigan’s Entertainment, Gaming, Geek and Arts Experience, and is sure to once again provide mid-MIchigan with one-of-a-kind experiences that you can’t find anywhere else!

Our vendor room returns with over 40 spots booths consisting of crafters, artists, collectible dealers, and more! Booths will go on sale soon so keep checking back for the official announcements!

We pride ourselves on NOT being labeled as a “comic-con” but instead offering a completely different EXPERIENCE you can’t get anywhere else, and MeggaXP V will be no different! We are working hard on bringing you some of the craziest ideas we’ve had yet, and they’re sure to delight fans of movies, video games, cosplay, tabletop games and more!

Events for the Week Aug 19th-25th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Blood Bash 2019

Join Meggaxp and Experience Jackson as we bring Blood Bash back to the Commonwealth Commerce Center on February 15th and 16th, 2019!

Blood Bash ’19 is the third iteration of the Meggaxp horror/valentine’s spinoff show, and is sure to be better than ever! This year we are expanding to a *kind of* 2-day festival, as fans of horror movies will get to enjoy TWO DAYS of horror films with slaying, slashing, gore and more!

Friday, February 15th is our bonus day this year! While our vendors are setting up for the show on Saturday, the FILM ROOM will be open and showing all kinds of horror films! The lineup is yet to be announced, but know that the bar and screening room will be open for our patrons to enjoy even more gore!

Saturday, February 16th will be the traditional Blood Bash day! This is when fans of horror, schlock, gore and more can come into the Commonwealth Commerce Center and enjoy an entire day filled with horror vendors, filmmakers, guests, crafters, video games, horror trivia challenges, paranormal podcasts, medium readings, VR Expeirences and much more!

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Events for the Week Feb 11th-17th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Meggaxp and Experience Jackson are proud to be bringing MeggaXP IV to the Commonwealth Commerce Center on August 25th, 2018!!!!

There are still a LOT of details to work out, but here’s what we know so far:

Vendor Hall will be returning to the ORIGINAL location from MeggaXP I (first floor) and will be filled with over 40 vendors selling everything from art and buttons to posters and neck ties and more! Our vending hall is sure to have something for everyone!

Cosplay Contest – This year our cosplay contest is going to be bigger than ever, as are introducing a new wrinkle to the mix – – – the top 5 cosplays from EACH category will be selected by our panel of judges, and the AUDIENCE will VOTE for the winner! Prizes awarded for the winners!

Panels – This year we are working hard to bring the best panelists from the first THREE years together for the most comprehensive list of panels we’ve ever offered! Sure to have something for everyone!

Gaming Events:
Our gaming events are going to be bigger and better than ever, including:

Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament – We are working hard to fly in some of the BEST players in the COUNTRY for MeggaMania, featuring a gigantic pot bonus (more to be revealed), an ALL NIGHT Friendlies area, singles, doubles, livestream and more!

Vintage Console Lounge – Once again our vintage console lounge will be making a return – over 2,000 games to choose from from the NES all the way up to the PS2!

Magic the Gathering – We will be running Magic the Gathering booster drafts all day, along with sealed, modern, commander, bounty types, and more! Plus we will have several vendors in the area selling singles and packs for your Magic needs!

Yu-Gi-Oh – We will be offering up a STACK of Booster Boxes for the winner of our main Yu-Gi-Oh tournament! More details to come!

Pokemon – For the 3rd straight year, we will have a Pokezone filled with Pokemon TCG, the DS game, Pokken Tournament, and more! Buy and sell thousands of Pokemon cards, take part in touranment play, and much more!

Warhammer – We will be offering up a NICE event for Warhammer this year – – – – more on that to be announced soon!


Adult Lounge – The adult lounge is back and better than ever! More adult only panels, more bar trivia, more Cards Against Humanity audience games, and ADDITIONAL 18+ games this time around, drink specials, and even a WEIRD AL KARAOKE FEST!

Kid’s Zone – Our kid’s zone is going to be the biggest and best it’s ever been! More room to play, more things to do, facepainting, jumphouses, kid friendly video and board games, lifesize games, art contests, craft table, legos, and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more!!!!

Game Show Room – The Game Show Room is back, and better than ever! More rounds, more contestants, more games! Make sure to stop by!

And a few more FAVORITES from the past few years will be making returns…….

But you’ll have to WAIT TO SEE WHAT THOSE ARE!!!!Support your local geek events.

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Events for the Week Aug 20th-26th

A Ren Faire, LARP event, Pop Culture con and a Gaming con are in store for you this week. Enjoy.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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2017 Photo Retrospective Fall Part 2

Here are some photos of my journey through 2017. These photos resonated with me for various reasons.  This album features pics from MEGGAXP, the GVSU Renaissance Festival, the Kalamazoo Comic Con, and the Grand Rapids Comic Con. Enjoy.

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The Dude’s Day – 20 Years Of “The Big Lebowski”

March 6th will be the 20th anniversary of “The Big Lebowski” coming to theaters, and Meggaxp, wants to celebrate by bringing “The Dude’s Day” to the Commonwealth Commerce Center in beautiful downtown Jackson, Michigan!!!

“The Dude’s Day” is a celebration of ALL THINGS LEBOWSKI, and it will be done with a unique Meggaxp flavor! Here is just a sampling of what we have in store for you during this occasion:

ALL DAY “THE BIG LEBOWSKI” showings in Auditorium D. From open to close of the event, you can sit in on as many showings of “The Big Lebowski” as you’d like!

Lebowski Cosplay Contest! Whether you’re dressing up as The Dude, Walter, Donnie, Maude, The Nihlists, or any of the other amazing characters from “The Big Lebowski,” be sure to enter our cosplay contest to compete for prizes!

White Russians On Special – That’s right – from open to close you can score The Dude’s official drink of choice – WHITE RUSSIAN, on special! Or maybe you’re more like a Walter and prefer beer? Well, the Commonwealth Commerce Center will have that for sale as well!

Wii Bowling Tournaments – In true Meggaxp fashion, no event is complete without SOME video gaming involved, and what better way to tie the Big Lebowski with gaming than with WII BOWLING games. Get a team together and compete for a real Dude’s Day Bowling trophy – JUST DON’T STEP OVER THE LINE!

A Walter Sobchak RAGE contest! In one of the more outrageous events, we will be having a “Walter Sobchak Rage contest.” In an event similar to Blood Bash ’18 – Horror Show!‘s Scream Queen Contest, we will be offering a prize to whoever can give us the most convincing “Shut the F$#$ up Donny,” “Donny you’re out of your element!,” “Do you see what happens Larry?” “OVER THE LINE” or any other of Walter’s memorable rage quotes!

Lebowski Trivia! Think you know the most about The Big Lebowski? Well prove it as you go head to head with other urban achievers to see who really does know the most about The Dude and his world.

Lebowski-Oke! Whether it’s Kenny Rogers, Bob Dylan, or of course, Creedance – we will be jamming to the original recordings OR you can take a step up to the plate and do some Lebowski-Oke to any of the songs featured in the playlist! BUT NEVER ANY EAGLES, MAN!!!!

Lebowski themed vendors! From artwork to magnets, posters, shirts, and maybe even a few rugs – we will have some of the best Big Lebowski themed merch on display for you to purchase!

Lotta ins,
lotta outs,
lotta what have yous!

So put on your bath robe, grab your checkbook, and head on down to theCommonwealth Commerce Center for Meggaxp‘s “The Dude’s Day” – and celebrate 20 years of The Big Lebowski!!!!

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