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WASTE – Fallout De Mayo 4


WASTE is a free form player driven LARP where the game is driven based on the players actions. Making allies and enemies, doing trade among players, joining or creating factions etc…

The settlement of New Junkton needs your help! The area has been invaded by wasteland raiders and other factions fighting over resources and control of Junkton and the surrounding area. Choose a side or survive on your own.

WASTE- Fallout De Mayo 4 is a 2 day camp out event, meals and bb’s provided for the weekend.

Events for the Week Mar 2nd-8th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Haven Winter One-Day Event 2020

Yes, a return to Camp Merrie Woode! As always, the winter one day event is a break from the chilly off-season. Enjoy some RP with a dash of plot and combat sprinkled in. Bring a dish to pass for Saturday evening’s pot luck.

We have reserved the camp from Friday night (after 5pm) until Sunday (3pm). Arrive Friday night, if you wish, or Saturday morning. Feel free to hang out after the event for an evening of board games and getting to know your fellow LARPers out of game.

Camp Merrie Woode is in the Kalamazoo area of Michigan. The cabins (the little houses A-C) have heat!!!! The “tavern” (Harriet Hall) has 2 stoves and 2 ovens for us to use. The bathhouse is up a small hill though..

Let’s rock this!

Shifted Lands LARP Feb 2020

For over 20 years Shifted Lands has been providing a fun and exciting gaming environment for people just like you. Whether a cunning rogue, brave warrior, or mystical wizard, SL has unlimited potential to help you become the adventurer of your dreams.

If you have never played a LARP (live-action role-playing game) before, think of a good book you have read. Remember how that one character in the book just seemed to survive it all, against all odds? Remember the character that nearly died while saving the life of 10 others and became the hero? Ever wished you could be in that situation? Now you can! You actually get to become your character, be in a battle, cast the magic, and swing the sword.

Shifted Lands LARP takes place in the fantasy world of Aldretha, which is surrounded by an endless sea of magical mist. For hundreds of years lands have shifted into and out of this mist, and for hundreds of years these lands have brought new allies and enemies, heroes and villains, victories and failures… Now a brave new land has opened its doors and exploration is just over the next hilltop.

~ Joshua Brewer, Owner of Shifted Lands

Events for the Week Feb 24th-Mar 1st

8 Events for the Week.
Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Alliance South Michigan February 1 Day Event 2020

Alliance South Michigan will be holding an Adventure Day at the Wixom VFW Post.

The adventure day will take place in a tavern, with PCs being largely the driving force of entertainment. This will focus on a chance for you to roleplay amongst yourself, talk with people in game, sell and buy things, make plans for the year, or play games. Whatever you’d like to do.

The adventure day will have some kind of dungeon run attached to it. (More in game details will be forthcoming about this). You can involved in this or not at your leisure. The “dungeons” will relate to plot lines in the game, so they may provide chances to learn or interact with the greater story.

We realize this is a bit of a different style of game. We hope it’s a chance to focus on the community over the winter, as we start gearing up towards regular style events.

Event for the Week Feb 10th-16th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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CARPS December 2019

Central Action Role-Playing Society
We are a high-fantasy LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) group that is currently based in Southeast Michigan. You may already be familiar with tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons or White Wolf products. If you are, the difference between an RPG and a LARP is that RPGs consist of half a dozen or so players sitting around a kitchen table with dice and a single Game Master, whereas a LARP is a cross between an elaborate theatre production, live combat, and a hike in the woods. LARPs such as ours have costuming, boffer weapons, and dozens of players whose actions influence not only what you can accomplish but the course of an entire fantasy world. If you aren’t, well, them’s the basics.

Greetings to all new and prospective players! As always, your first event is free, with a free rewrite should you decide you would rather play a different sort of character or have a different set of skills. (You must be 18 to play.)