I’m Joe and I run a positive geek culture website for Michigan called MIGeekScene. It’s pronounced as My Geek Scene. There are numerous websites out there that feed into negativity. MIGeekScene is no such place. Let’s have fun and enjoy our geekdom in a positive manner. MIGeekScene is for everyone no matter what your background is.

I am also a geek journalist that travels all over Michigan and chronicles the geek community in the state. The geek community is filled with awesome people. I am on a journey to meet as many of them as possible.

I take a ton of photos at the events that I venture to. Cosplayers are featured often in my albums (and by often I mean A LOT). If you take the time to dress up, whether you made your costume or you bought it, I will take the time to take your photo. If you are not cosplaying, I still will take your photo if you want me to. Why leave people out? All photos are taken with permission.

Check out fun and engaging interviews that do not have the same tired questions that are asked by everyone else. I interview people in the Michigan geek community ranging from local talented artists, cosplayers and awesome businesses. I, also, interview TV actors, comic book artists and voice actors in the geek entertainment industry.

Are you wondering what events are happening throughout the year? By all means, please check out the Map of Events tab. Anime, steampunk, comic book, LARPing, furry, video game and many other events of geekdom are represented in the extensive event calendar. You can save the events to your calendar and get directions to the event from my calendar.

Thanks for checking out MIGeekScene. Come back often, as  in multiple times everyday often. Tell your friends too.

Hope to see you at an event sometime.

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