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2019 Year in Review Spring Edition

These Year in Reviews are not, what I call, official “reviews”. They are a series of musings, learned lessons and stories of what I experienced through out the year. Of course, reviews are featured but they are blended in with everything. It’s a director’s commentary of my Spring season adventures during the year of 2019 in the Michigan Geek Scene.
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Love BITES at Awaken – Night Two

Please join us for a night of lost loves, tragic endings, and dark scary secrets! You don’t need a date for this Valentine’s Day weekend event, but you will need a flashlight as Awaken is turning down the lights. Yes, you heard right!

Awaken will lower the lights completely and provide your group only the dimmest of flashlights to venture through our event. This means the corners will be darker, the shadows deeper and the scares even scarier. Bring your beau or bring your bro’s and let your imagination run wild for this fun, exciting and terror filled Valentine’s Day event.

Magical Realm Fantasy Faire Ball of All Times

Come one, Come All to The Ball of All Times! We are encourage all of our guests to dress in garb from different time periods throughout history. We will have live music for and beverages. As well as, other entertainment. This is a charity event for Friar Finnegan and Isaiah, from Sentinels of the Rose. There are a limited number of tickets available for this event, because we can only host 250 guests. So, get your tickets before they are gone!