A Special MAGFest Documentary Interview

I did a special interview for the upcoming MAGFest Documentary. Listen to Pawel, as he answer these questions for the first time in an interview. Enjoy.

Question Timestamps
00:04 Intro
00:36 Was there a particular reason that you started doing a documentary on MAGFest?
03:30 What does MAGFest mean to you?
05:37 How did you find out about MAGFest and what made you want to come to MAGFest?
07:19 How far did you travel to get there?
07:55 How long have you been going to MAGFest?
08:07 What do you like about MAGFest and what makes it different from other conventions
09:36 What are some of your favorite MAGFest memories?
12:08 What concerts have you attended?
14:20 Why is Robotsexmusic one of your musical idols?
15:29 Have you discovered new games while at MAGFest?
17:41 Since MAGFest features concerts, parties, games, panel, etc etc, what do you like best about MAGFest?
18:52 MAGFest has a lot of quirky creative parts: Drunk Wizards, Elevator Parties, etc. What is the most MAGFest thing that you ever saw, did, or heard about?
21:44 If you had to compare MAGFest to a game, book, or any other piece of media, Which one and why is it a perfect comparison?
23:53 During your documentary, you mentioned that MAGFest changed your life. How did it change your life?
25:17 What would you like to see more of at MAGFest?
28:23 How would you feel if they made a MAGFest closer to you?
32:17 Is there anything that you are looking forward to from this upcoming year’s event?
34:12 Besides 2020, Will you be coming back to MAGFest in the future?
34:42 Website

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