TooStupidGamerz 2019 Interview (Audio)

Pawel aka Nanners is one half of, the youtube gaming channel, Toostupidgamerz. On top of that, he’s created awesome documentaries on MAGFest. We dive into his channel, Majora’s Mask, video games, Type O Negative, Metal, skateboarding, and so much more. Timestamps are included. Check it out.

Photo used with Permission, courtesy of Pawel.

Question/Topic Timestamps
0:07 Intro
00:30 Tell us about your gaming channel
1:28 What is the story behind the wall of posters?
2:16 Most cherished poster
3:06 Fave games
3:47 Majora’s Mask vs Ocarina of Time
5:40 Underrated games
7:01 What upcoming games are you looking forward to?
7:53 Persona Games and Atlus
10:05 Playstation TV
11:55 Fave VGM soundtracks?
13:23 Fave songs by the Smashing Pumpkins
15:40 A few stories about Slayer
17:42 The first time crowdsurfing
18:49 Our mutual love for Type O Negative
23:25 Black Metal
25:34 Why listening to a variety of music is important
27:13 Metal bands of choice
28:39 More Black Metal
30:06 The Appeal of Metal
31:34 Best concert
32:51 Bömbers and Motorhead
34:37 Worst Concert
35:47 Dream Concert
37:33 Japanese Bands Recommendations
41:27 Who are your skateboarding idols?
44:19 If you were making your own skate compilation video, what bands/groups would you feature?
47:02 Upcoming projects
49:09 Website
49:28 Message to the fans

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