Zeno Robinson (Cannon Busters) 2019 Part 2

Zeno Robinson is an actor whose star is on the rise. His voice acting talents are on display in roles such as: Prince Kelby (Cannon Busters), Cyborg (Young Justice), and Remy (Big City Greens).

Photo used with permission, courtesy of Zeno Robinson

Time Stamps for Questions and Topics for Part 2
0:07 Favorite Comic book writers/artists?
2:35 Indie comics
7:15 You stated in an interview that you would like to create comics. Any particular genres or themes that you would want to dive into?
8:25 What would be your take on Super Boy, if you had full control?
9:53 What is it about Donald Glover that draws you to him?
12:29 Have you met him or reached out to him?
14:25 Favorite Childish Gambino songs?
15:18 Favorite Childish Gambino videos?
16:05 Thoughts on This is America?
21:03 Thoughts on the theory about the videos, from Because the Internet, are a reference to Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
23:14 Zeno’s rap persona, GeniuZ
25:09 Nerdcore Hip Hop and Mega Ran
27:06 Favorite/Influential Beat Makers
28:28 The Nerdy People of Color Collective
29:50 All time favorite video games?
31:01 Favorite game in the Kingdom Hearts series?
31:58 Underrated games
33:49 Best video game soundtracks?
37:16 What upcoming games are you looking forward?
38:40 Why do you want Geno in Super Smash Bros, so bad?
41:23 Upcoming Projects
42:09 Website
42:20 Message for the fans

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