Zeno Robinson (Cannon Busters) 2019 Part 1

Zeno Robinson is an actor whose star is on the rise. His voice acting talents are on display in roles such as: Prince Kelby (Cannon Busters), Cyborg (Young Justice), and Remy (Big City Greens).

Photo used with permission, courtesy of Zeno Robinson

Time Stamp for Questions and Topics for Part 1
0:08 Intro
0:35 Do you have any mentors in voice acting? If so who?
2:08 Best advice you’ve ever gotten?
3:10 Classes, books or programs you recommend?
5:24 Any challenges with being a person of color in the voiceover world? Strange job/character requests?
9:59 Thoughts on Cannon Busters and your character Kelby?
15:32 Thoughts on the upcoming Boondocks reboot in 2020?
17:56 Your take on the sub vs dub debate?
24:46 1st exposure to anime
26:10 Why is Rei Zero, one of your favorite animes?
29:14 Other favorite series?
30:37 What do you like about Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) since you would like to voice him?
35:41 Is Madhouse one of your favorite anime studios?
37:16 XOGENASYS manga and animation
39:27 What are your favorite manga series?
40:39 What’s Jujutsu Kaisen about?
44:05 Have you read Berserk?
45:56 Since you’re a fan of One Punch Man’s manga, have you read Eyeshield 21 by Yusuke Murata?
47:28 Kehasuk’s artwork

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