Mega Ran 2020 Interview

Mega Ran is a versatile and prolific rapper in the world of hip hop.

Questions/Topic Timestamps
0:07 Intro
1:08 The origins, of the album, 2 Hands Up
2:55 Socially Conscious approach to 2 Hands Up
4:31 Revival
6:17 L.A. Salami
7:13 Algorithm and Social Media vs Creativity
11:23 What was going through your mind when you visited J Dilla’s house when you were in Detroit last year?
14:46 Were there any particular J Dilla songs/albums that had an effect on you?

15:59 The theme of legacy on the RNDM album
20:06 What was the meaning behind the song, A Poet?
22:13 The proper way to pronounce RNDM
22:28 Miscommunication’s organ instrumental

23:56 The collaboration with Michiru Yamane, on Same As It Ever Was
26:47 Wake Up and Smash the Day
27:40 No Sleep (Dance of Pales), from the Nocturnal Cantata album.
28:55 Since you rapped about Castlevania Symphony of the Night, were there any stage themes you wanted to rap over but they were left out?
29:27 Thoughts on a remake of Symphony of the Night.
30:38 Thoughts on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night?

32:32 Have you revisited the Capcom game Trojan? Would you take the music and turn it into a beat?
33:17 Do you still feel that the Dreamcast is the best system of all time?
34:15 Favorite Dreamcast games
36:50 What games have you emotionally bonded with or what gaming moments have left an emotional impact on you?
39:08 Underrated video games
43:47 Fantastic gaming soundtracks
44:58 Favorite Indy games
46:33 Games we regret buying
48:18 A discussion on Inside
50:08 What significant achievements in gaming have you accomplished?
51:46 What improvements would you like to see from the gaming industry?

52:45 Thoughts on the FFVII Remake
54:19 Talk about the Black Materia Remake album
57:29 Thoughts on the depiction of Barret from FFVII Remake

1:03:38 Website
1:04:22 More on 2 Hands Up
1:05:31 Message for the Fans

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