Mark Cooper 2021 Interview

Mark Cooper is a, Detroit based, Rapper and Producer

0:07 Intro
00:33 His latest release, Success and Failure
03:27 What he hopes people take away from the album
04:45 Are there any particular guitarists or bands that that influence you musically?
05:53 What songs do you like by Metallica?
06:12 Favorite songs from Phil Collins/Genesis

07:21 Underrated Saturday morning cartoons?
08:53 Silverhawks
09:40 Are there any Saturday morning series that you own on dvd?
10:39 Is there is something that you would like to be rereleased on dvd?
11:42 Were there any shows that you felt ended prematurely and you would like to see comeback?
13:01 What shows don’t hold up when you look at them now?

13:50 Will we see a mixtape centered around anime themes?
15:10 Are there any particular anime themes that you would like to flip?
15:53 Favorite hero and villain from Ronin Warrior
17:07 Unrealistically priced box sets
18:20 Thoughts on Samurai Champloo
19:00 How was your time at the Bytes & Beats show which featured Shing02
19:56 Favorite songs by SSJ
20:55 Intro of choice: Rock the Dragon or Cha-La Head Cha-La
21:18 Dragon Ball GT & Super
22:19 Tell me about the time that you decided to turn Super Saiyan in the 6th grade
23:48 On The Dragon Ball Rap Cypher, did you choose Majin Buu?
24:19 What is it about Naruto that inspired you to make the Chunin Exams?
25:13 Favorite characters?
27:02 Boruto
28:53 My Hero Academia
29:54 Why do you feel like the Black community really connects with the Naruto series?
32:31 Cannon Busters
33:26 Thoughts/hopes for the Boondocks reboot coming in 2022?

34:53 The Player One series of albums
37:30 The album What about the Jitters?
38:40 Favorite synth based and synthwave artists
39:18 Carpenter Brut
40:28 The coded message after each song on Test Drive
41:34 Does the Super Pack project serves as a companion piece to the Player One series?
41:48 The track Mixtape Man and the hypocrisy of people wanting to use you to support their projects but they can’t return the favor.
45:16 Why did you choose to include the Pigeon Man scene from Hey Arnold on your I know How You Feel Vol 6 album?
47:52 The upcoming Gerald’s Field album

49:12 VGM Together
52:09 MAGFest
55:21 In an interview, you mentioned that you would love to travel to conventions all over the world to meet your heroes, who would you like to meet that you haven’t?
57:24 My thoughts on Cameo
57:43 Why was Stan Lee a hero to you?
59:48 Does Jadakiss’ Get on Da Mic still hold up?
1:00:49 Which video games do you feel properly represent hip hop culture?
1:02:10 Underrated video games?
1:03:38 Standout VGM songs/soundtracks
1:05:19 For your Insert Credits vol 1 album, what were the ongoing customer service interludes from?
1:06:05 His track Eternal Rest
1:07:31 The Nintendo based EP
1:08:05 Upcoming Project
1:09:06 Social Media
1:09:17 Message for the Fans

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