Cosplay Day 2018 Mini Review

Cosplay Day is a fairly new event, which saw entry into its second year. It was held in the Applied Technology Center on the Grand Rapids Community College campus. This event had the standard dressings of an anime convention. Panels, gaming, a dance, a maid cafe, a  dealer’s room, and a cosplay contest. I was happy to see a karaoke room because I feel that is a missed out opportunity at events.  I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan and “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe were a few of the songs I heard.

My main criticism of this event lies with not enough proper signage. Initially when I arrived, I was confused as to where I was supposed to go since I entered through a different entrance. After searching for a few minutes, I was able to locate the event. I found hand drawn signs pointing me to the game rooms and that was the extant of signage for the event. Next year, I hope that printed out signs displayed through out the building will be incorporated.

Also, I feel that this event would benefit from being held on a Saturday instead of a Friday. Considering that people are either at work or school during the weekdays, attendance runs the risk of a diminished capacity compared to the weekend. From what I understand, after talking to a staff member, utilizing the Applied Technology Center would cost a significantly higher amount if it was opened on a weekend. Staff hinted that the Cosplay Day might take place at the Fieldhouse next year since it is open every day of the week.

Overall, I had a good time during Cosplay Day. I’m looking forward to seeing what this event will become in the future. I can’t complain about fun events happening in my home town. Good job, Cosplay Day.

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