ComiqueCon 2018 Mini Review

ComiqueCon rose from a year long sleep to take place at the Arab American Museum in Dearborn. This comic con placed the spotlight on female writers and artists in the comic industry. I’ve heard about this con for a few years but was unable to attend. That situation finally changed, and I made the trip out this year. What were my thoughts on this up and coming event?


Upon being registered, I was handed a lanyard and directed to the name badge station. This cool station was filled stamps, multiple color markers, and stickers to adorn your badge with unique customizations. I believe that was the first time I’ve seen that many customization options at any event. What a unique way to make a convention stand out amongst the numerous events around the state.

After talking to a vendor, I found out that ComiqueCon’s artist tables came with some cool perks. An exhibitor table included entry to a Drink and Draw that took place the night before the convention. Breakfast (with coffee and juice) and lunch were provided to the exhibitors. I have to tip my hat to this con for that alone. I usually see this type of treatment go to guests/celebrities at conventions while the vendors are on their own for food. It is nice to see this extended to fine folks who are the backbone of a comic con experience. Big shout out to Jessica, of BoldEgoist, for the helpful information.

I must give a big thumbs up to the panel portion of ComiqueCon. The panels were held in an auditorium with a great sound system. Prior to entering the auditorium, I noticed that the program book provided a description for each panel/event. It was helpful to find out who was presenting the panel and what it was about.

I attended a panel called Bringing Authenticity into Comics. The featured panelists, Jamila Rowser (Geek Girl Brunch), Sara Alfageeh (Dust) and Christina ‘Steenz’ Stewart (Archival Quality) talked about presenting stories and characters in authentic way that is relatable to the intended targeted audience. I found the panel informative and fascinating. It was cool to learn about their process of giving a voice to their own representation in comics and stories. I must give a shout out to Sarah Shackleford for asking well thought out questions as a moderator too.

Music played throughout the day in the vendors room. While I can’t tell you which songs were played, I can say that the wide variety of music was pleasant to listen to. Music can help with establishing the thematic vibe and culture of a con. I wish more conventions would utilize music in the vendor room.


The vendor room was a little cramped during high traffic times. Navigation, while not incredibly difficult, was cumbersome at times. One aisle was considerably wider than the other. Evening out the aisles might alleviate the crowded aisles. I have a feeling that this convention is going to see a spike in attendance as it continues to grow. With that being said, a new location for the vendor room might be in order.

I didn’t see any clear signage pointing to where the convention was, outside of venue. I walked around to the front of the museum, only to be directed by the front desk, to walk around to the back of the building. I noticed that a few people experienced the same thing. Clear signage will make things easier in the future.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I had a great time at ComiqueCon. I feel it is an important event that I don’t see often in Michigan. Representation across the board is welcomed in my book. ​With a few minor tweaks, the attendee experience will be even better. I look forward to seeing what ComiqueCon has in the future.

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