Anjali Bhimani (Overwatch) 2019

Anjali Bhimani is the talented actress behind the role of Stingray on We’re Alive: Frontier. Also, her voice can be heard as Symmetra from Overwatch. Her I Am Fun Size series offers deep and reflective advice.

Question and Topic Timestamps
0:25 Stingray’s character from We’re Alive: Frontier
3:07 Is there a particular mythological story that resonates with you?
5:29 Why is Time Enough for Love, by Robert A. Heinlein, a special book for you?
6:43 I Am Fun Size youtube series
9:29 PC Games of choice?
11:35 Anime
13:00 Upcoming projects
14:25 Social Media
14:52 Message to the Fans

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Photo used with permission, courtesy of Anjali Bhimani.