Carolina Ravassa (Overwatch) 2019

Carolina Ravassa is a talented and versatile actress. Her voice can be heard as Sombra from Overwatch. She also shows off her comedic talents on her sketch series, Hispanglosaxon.

Question and Topic Time Stamps
0:07 Special Intro
0:39 What did you take away from the Theatre of the Oppressed?
2:34 From what I understand, during your time in Brazil, you wanted to learn capoeira?
3:24 Her horror film, Havana Darkness
5:17 What was the story behind Multi Lingo, directed by Reggie Watts?
6:40 What is it about salsa dancing that draws you to it?
8:08 Favorite songs by Queen?
9:12 An upcoming short film called Knight Watch
10:45 Recent successful fundraiser for a special cause
12:30 Upcoming projects
13:41 Social media
14:18 A message for the fans

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