Tulip City Comics & Toy Fare 2024 Review

Here’s my review of the Tulip City Comics & Toy Fare, in 2024. Enjoy
Convention Type
Toys are the main focus with a side of comics, cosplay, and pop culture

When and Where
April 28th, 2024 at the Holland Civic Center

Entry Fee
$5 for adults
Free for kids 12 and under

Things to Do/See
Vendor room, artist alley, panels, art contest, LED Saber show, cosplay contest, ticket raffle, Magic the Gathering, West Michigan Mystery Machine, West Michigan Ghostbusters, Royal Manticoran Navy, Swordsmanship Museum and Academy, Mandalorian Mercs Tra’cor Clan, cosplay photography

Local Cosplay Guests
Make It Sew Cosplay
Envy the Green Fairy Cosplay
Belle Bunni Designs

Over 30 artists and authors in the Artist Alley

Over 45 vendors in the vendor room that would sell a wide variety of things that would include toys, comics, 3d printed items, posters, coasters, etc.

The Holland Civic Center was a bigger and better venue compared to my last visit in 2022 at the previous location, the Holland Doubletree.

The artist alley was in a completely visible room, in comparison to being hidden in the old venue.

Everything was in one central location. Depending on your traversal ability, you can reach anything within 5 minutes.

The schedule for events was printed on the back of the badge.

Free Parking

Some aisles felt smaller than others depending on where you were in the venue. Thus, at times of high traffic, they were congested in both the vendor room and artist alley.

Do I recommend attending the event?
Yes, the Tulip City Comics & Toy Fare is an easy recommendation, especially if you like toys. Depending on the vendor, you will be able to get a glimpse at the toys from the past. There is a lot to see and do.