LTUX 2024 Review

Convention Type
Strong focus on video games and esports. Throw in some anime fandom, as well.

When and Where
April 27th at the Lawrence Technological University campus

Things to Do/See

Fandom Meetups, panels, arcade, table top gaming, vendor room, artist alley, Galaxy Groove Room,

Virtual Guests
Sara Secora, Alaina Wis, and Christina Costello

Cosplay Guests
Shockolate Energy Cosplay
Kira Elric

Gaming was a huge feature.

Gamer Grove was an area where indy developers could showcase their video games and table top games. Games featured: Wander Star, Birdfeeder, A Chirp in Space, Alembic, Knights of Antrom, Super Cucumber, Lone Labyrinth, Factorians, Natarium: A World Renewed, Undead End, Passage: A Job Interview Simulator, Punish, Island of Offerings, AGKL Hospital, The Politcal Machine, Galactic Civilizations IV: Super Nova

Psychic Drive provided the 14 arcade games which included Stepmania X, Jubeat, StreetFighter III: 3rd Strike, Scooby-Doo Pinball

Super Smash Bros Tournament

Tabletop gaming, with people to teach you how to play the games

An Escape Room was on site

45 Artists/Vendors

Cool Cosplay – Check out the GALLERY

8 DJs Musicians performing in the Galaxy Groove Room performing gaming and anime inspired music

Beautiful Campus with free parking

4 Food trucks

Free Admission

The Vendor Room right next to the Artist Alley was a bit on the hidden side. The vendors in that room were not recieving as much traffic as the openly visible artist alley in the atrium. If you weren’t paying attention, you could walk right past it and miss it. I hope all the vendors and artists will be in the atrium, next year.

Navigation on the campus was confusing, at times. Better signage would help in the future.

Do I recommend attending the event?
Yes, LTUX is a fun one day event to check out. It is one of the rare conventions/expos that are centered around video games, in Michigan. I look forward to the next one.