Submitting Events

*****Please READ the following before submitting an event.*****

1. Please check the Calendar to see if your event is already on the site. There’s a possibility that it already is. If it is and you are fine with what you see, then you are set. If it is and you need me to update any info, feel free to contact me.

2. If I place your event on my calendar, I ask that you mention MIGeekScene on your social media. Please include either of the following links:

3. If submitting an event, please INCLUDE the following information in the contact form below:

  • Event Name
  • Dates
  • Time frames from open to close
  • Location Name
  • Full address of location including zip code
  • Official Description of the event
  • Event Logo/Banner if applicable with express written permission to use on my calendar.
  • Organizer Event Name (aka the Event/Organization group name)
  • Website of Event (if applicable)
  • Facebook event link (if applicable)
  • Organizer contact info (Event Web address will work)

4. Submitting an event does not guarantee inclusion on the calendar. I will use my discretion to determine inclusion.

5. Let me know about your event, as far out as possible. Contacting me the week of, or a few days before your event will not work because I probably won’t have time to add it.