MuskeCon 2019 Mini Review/Gallery

To celebrate MIGeekScene’s 4th year anniversary, I decided to try something new. I, finally, made my way out to MuskeCon. What did I think about Muskegon’s own comic con? Read on to find out.

This convention had the familiar features of a comic con. Two rooms for vendors and artists with additional vendors in the hallway too. Toys, comic books, books, t-shirts, and various memorabilia were available to purchase. Local artists were on hand to create wonderful commissions or to sell awesome prints of their artwork. In addition to the vendor’s room, there was a room for panels and one for board games too. Everything was conveniently close to each other.

I have to give props to MuskeCon for making a nice mark in the apparel department. I think that the graffiti style logo for MuskeCon’s apparel were pretty cool and unique. It stands out amongst the numerous comic cons that I’ve attended. Speaking of unique, the power rangers themed badges were a nice touch. Each badge was a different color depending on the status of the wearer. For example, my badge was pink since I was press for the event. I am jealous that attendee badges were blue since that is my favorite color. I must note that I was impressed by the sturdy laminate surrounding the badges too. I had no worries about it tearing off by accident.  Good job.

If one was new to the convention scene, MuskeCon is a nice one day introduction into the comic con world. I would recommend this convention for any attendee whether new or a long time convention veteran. I can see myself returning again in the future.

Enjoy the gallery below.

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