Mega Ran 2021 Interview

Mega Ran is a versatile and prolific rapper in the world of hip hop. Now, he is a recent author of his memoir: Dream Master: A Memoir.

Question/Topics Timestamps
0:07 Intro
00:54 Dream Master: A Memoir
01:54 What lessons have you learned while in the process of creating and publishing Dream Master?

05:56 Do you have any particular areas of history that you focus on? Any favorite trivia facts?
07:31 At one point in college, you changed your major to African and African American Studies. Are there any books or authors that you would recommend?
10:04 A story from his time as a teacher
12:39 Who were/are your mentors?

14:40 What is the 1st MF DOOM album that you heard? What went through your mind?
17:22 What is about MF DOOM that appeals to you?
20:00 Lessons learned from MF DOOM
20:57 MURS, Skyzoo, and 9th Wonder.
22:10 Have you met any of your other rap heroes like Chubb Rock or The Roots?
22:34 Recommended songs from Outkast, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli
25:27 Cannibus
27:00 Favorite or important Hip Hop videos

The Call album
30:23 Why did you choose to include excerpts from Barbara Jordan (at the 1976 Democratic National Convention Keynote Speech) and Jesse Jackson (1984 David & Goliath speech) on Still Ain’t Good Enough?
34:19 Push
35:47 The Tainted Love Trilogy

Extra Credit album
38:51 Songs that I like: Journey, Pursuant Hearts, Old Enough
40:21 Bliss of Solitude
41:33 Choosing a time travel story as a setting for the video for Old Enough

42:44 Are the AGEs albums a continuation of what you started with the Call?
45:31 Why did you choose me (Joe) to be the radio DJ on Ages Volume 2?
48:38 How did the collaboration with Del the Funky Homosapien come about, for Proto Culture 2.0?

53:47 What is the Writer’s Guild?
56:35 Is the title of The Droogies (Gotta Go) a loose reference to A Clockwork Orange?
56:56 Since Where Did They Go was a dedication to hip hop groups that have fallen apart, who would you like to come back?

57:49 Upcoming Projects
1:00:03 Website
1:00:32 Message for the Fans

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