Kalamazoo Comic Con 2017 Mini Review

Kalamazoo Comic Con 2017 2
October 8th marked the first time I was able to attend an event hosted by Yourcomicon.com.  The Kalamazoo Comic Con was held on the campus of the Kalamazoo College. Once I was on campus, I was able to locate the convention easily due to the nice signage pointing me in the proper direction.  This intimate convention was held in a gym and it was comprised of vendors and artists from the local Michigan community. One point of contention that I must note was the green floor cover that served as an (unintentional) tripping hazard. Numerous people stumbled because of the floor cover.  Overall, my time spent at the Kalamazoo Comic Con was pleasant.

Kalamazoo Comic Con 2017 19

What were your thoughts on the event?