Geeks and Ink 5th Session

Welcome to Geeks and Ink, where we highlight awesome tattoos based on geek culture. Tattoos are a unique way in which we express ourselves. Not only do they show off art but they often have a story or meaning behind them. Find out what these tattoos mean to these people.

Nick Auwerda

I got Final Fantasy 9 Vivi as a reminder that not matter how short or long my life is it can be something wonderful

Jim Demick

My name is Jim Demick from Trenton, MI. This is my Joker tattoo. It’s a cover up of an old tattoo. I’ve always been a huge joker fan. I’m a bit of a joker and trickster myself so I think I related quite well.

Anna R

First tattoo is a chubby Sailor Moon munching on a slice of pepperonis pizza just before serving some sweet moon princess punishment. This tattoo is just a reminder to myself that I can be the badass warrior I’ve always been no matter what my outward appearance is. Also, pizza is the best.

Second tattoo is an owl version of the tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant). Haha, get it? Doctor Whooo. It’s a mixture of my love for Doctor Who, owls, and cheesy puns. What more could a girl want?

Josias V

The meaning. Bowser was the first video game boss i ever beat, as well as my most used character in Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart. But mostly it was because he was the first big challenge I overcame in my video game playing years. The first of many.

Brenton Bennett

Artist is Kevin Corder. I have a bunch of geeky tattoos, but this is special because it is the first “horror” film that I’ve shared with my wee geeks. Bonus nerd points because this is the cover of the Nightmare Before Christmas Operation game that I play with my wife and spawn.

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