Aaron Dismuke (Dr. Stone) at the Grand Rapids Comic Con 2019

Aaron Dismuke is a voice actor, who’s voice is heard in anime and video games. You may know him from shows like Dr. Stone (Senku) and My Hero Academia (Tamaki Amajiki).

Timestamped Questions/Topics
0:07 Intro
0:35 The stunning realization of the veracity of Grand Rapids
1:13 Dr. Stone
3:32 Blood Blockade Battlefront
7:24 Since you like Cowboy Bebop, thoughts on the upcoming live action adaptation?
10:33 Do you still play the guitar?
11:03 Influential musicians?
12:00 What song(s) do you emotionally connect with?
14:18 Favorite songs/albums by the Dresden Dolls
15:25 Why do you like All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers?
17:26 Best Concert that you’ve been to
18:51 Favorite Concert Venue
19:36 Dream Concert
20:11 Mutual Concert Preferences
21:28 Thoughts on Limbo and Inside? (Spoilers)
25:22 Underrated Games?
26:04 Traveling to the Future for the second interview
26:35 Favorite Rouge Lite Games
28:46 What games are you looking forward to?
28:58 An Ethical Discussion on the Dismuke Dictatorship in Frostpunk
33:08 Video Game Soundtracks
38:42 What sort of comics do you like?
41:11 Sandman comic
42:40 Have you read Transmetropolitan?
43:05 Preacher
45:39 Do you read manga?
48:01 Did you get to read Blood Blockade Battlefront when you were working on the show?
49:15 Magic the Gathering
51:10 Are there any comics that you want to read or add to your collection?
54:13 What’s new that you would like to promote?
55:50 Website
56:07 Message for the Fans

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