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Van Helsteam’s Monster Hunter Bash 2

Capitol Steam presents, Van Helsteam‘s Monster Hunter Bash 2. We had such a blast last year we’re doing it again!
Monsters and Monster Hunters unite while showing off their skills in costuming and gadgets. Enjoy the sounds of DJ Van Helsteam, who will be playing a wide variety of music including your favorite steampunk, goth, alternative, Irish, pirate, and ren faire bands. Special guests to be announced.
All costumes welcome, steampunk or otherwise. Allow your imagination to soar!
Donations of $5 are much appreciated.

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Events for the Week November 14th – 20th

Only two events for this week as the season is winding down for the year.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Steampunks for Greater Lansing Food Bank

It’s another Capitol Steam benefit party for Greater Lansing Food Bank. Let’s welcome the spirit of St Paddy’s on March 12 as we allow our Steampunk identity to Explore the Northern Realm…a land steeped with Scottish and Irish traditions and culture. Dress in your normal steampunk and/or old timey garb or break out your kilts, plaid, or tweed and dress to fit the Northern Realm Aesthetic. Enjoy an atmosphere of great drinks and good friends.
• Admission will be two cans of food (non perishables) minimum or $5. All proceeds will go to Greater Lansing Food Bank.
• Steampunk, Pirate, Ren Faire, and traditional garb (particularly kilts) suggested but not mandatory.
• Live music will be featured from various local performers dedicated to this amazing cause, including David Schneider, David Gander, Bart Moore,Scott Smith, Chris Russell and more TBA. You’re very own Van Helsteam will MC the evening of entertainment with a special guest performance by the one and only Mistress Temperance Lovecraft.

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Van Helsteam’s Monster Hunter Bash

It’s time for another Capitol Steam bimonthly salon and you’re invited to Van Helsteam’s Monster Hunter Bash, “Because Halloween ends to early!”
Yes folks, this is the Halloween costume party that you’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy a spooky Autumn evening with monster hunters and the hunted!Van Helsteam will be playing a wide variety of music including your favorite steampunk bands. Don’t forget to mingle with our special guests, Apparition Apprehenders (The Steampunk Ghost Busters). Also, Capitol Steam will be sponsoring a zombie booth. So come out and get zombified free of charge.
This is a costume party, so there’s no parameters on costuming. Allow your steampunk imagination to soar!

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Capitol Steam Steampunk Bimonthly, “Captain Nemo’s Lounge”

You have been invited by Captain Nemo to his private Lounge for drinks and entertainment. Dress in your normal Steampunk garb or break out your Turkish, Middle Eastern, Asian and/or Nautical-Deep Sea Apparel to fit the Nemo Aesthetic.
Enjoy the mesmerizing dance and movement of The Habibi Dancers. Get down to some music provided by Van Helsteam. It will be an epic evening. We hope to see you there.
• Steampunk attire suggested but not mandatory.

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Sue Peel’s Mad Hatters, Steampunk Celebration for GLFB

How do you celebrate Sue Peel’s collection of over 100 hats? Well that’s easy…have a Capitol Steam party. That’s right folks, we are throwing another steampunk* party but this one has a twist. We are throwing this party in Sues name but the door proceeds are going to the Greater Lansing Food Bank.
*There’s two simple rules:
1. Wear a hat (the crazier the better)
2. Admission will be two cans of food (non perishables) minimum or $5.
Sue Peel accepted my challenge and is on her way to 100 hats. Let’s accept this challenge and raise 100 cans of food for GLFB.
Van Helsteam is in! He’ll be back to fill the room with amazing music we all love to hear.
Special guest performance by legendary group, The Madd Hatters Guild.
Have your picture taken on an original 1910 camera and purchase the tin type print from photographer Victor Vague.
Also, Candice Wilmore will be returning with her digital photography.
Don’t miss this opportunity to join Cap Steam friends while supporting an amazing cause.
(Steampunk, Pirate, or Ren Fare Attire preferred but not mandatory. Hats however are. lol)

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Capitol Steam Presents Steampunk Febutastic, featuring Van Helsteam

Get down or sit back with a drink and enjoy the music. Capitol Steam is proud to bring another gathering featuring Steampunk DJ, Van Helsteam.
Don’t miss this premiere event. There will be a suggested donation of $5 at the door. Your donation will be used to put on future events and entertainment. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have it. Our motto is to never turn a person away.
As usual; steampunk, ren, or pirate attire is suggested but not mandatory. Hope to see you again in February, it will be Febutastic!


Steampunk Night of November 2014

Steampunk Night of November 2014
November 8th 8pm to 1am

Michigan’s own Steampunk DJ Van Helsteam will be spinning music for you folks who want to drink and dance. Van Helsteam mixes Electro swing, Irish, Steampunk and other genres of music to get you out on the dance floor. There is no coverage for this show but you can donate if you want to. Dress up in Ren faire, Steampunk or Pirate attire if you would like as well. Mark your calendars.

Kelly’s Downtown
220 S Washington Square
Lansing, Michigan 48933

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