Super Heroes Unite Dance Party

The Super Heroes Unite marked the 3rd time the Vault of Midnight and the Pyramid Scheme joined forces to put on a costumed theme dance party. The first costumed themed party was the Batman dance party. The Villains Unite dance party followed a few months later. I attended the Villains Unite party and a wonderful time it was. How could I pass up the opportunity to check out the Super Heroes Unite event?

When it comes down to it, how does one review a costume dance party? To sum it up,  DJ AB spun the music, people are in costume, and dancing and fun are had. What else is there to say about an event like that? Not much when you think about it. Instead, I will post a few notes I made to myself from the event. Plus, there will be plenty of pictures.

Please check out the interview I did with George Benson, who threw this shindig.

When: February 28th
Where: Pyramid Scheme
What: Awesome Dance Party

Braving the cold temps of 20 degrees, I wondered what the turn out would be for the Super Heroes Unite dance party. At first, the attendance was a little scarce. However, the capes and cowls came out to support this dance party.

The Martian Manhunter was committed to his no shirt policy.

Wonder Woman traveled from Themyscira to dance.

Thor took some time out from being in movies to hang out.

What dance party would be complete without 70s Dazzler?

Even though it was a superhero dance party, numerous villains were present. One could argue that certain villains crossover into the realm of heroic actions. Whether villain or hero, it was awesome to see the support for this event.

Ms. Quinzel made an appearance with no Mr. J insight.

Poison Ivy was dancing up a storm. I think she’s been hitting the weights lately. She looked good though.

Mysterio tried to fool us all with his spider costume.

Granted, there were an abundance of mainstream characters. Homages to obscure characters were paid that night as well. I applaud the individuals who took the time to craft costumes of figures that don’t spring to mind when the term super hero is mentioned. I give thumbs up to those who ventured off the beaten path when it came to costumes.

Quailman Unite!!!!
What are the odds of two people dressed as Quailman at the same dance party?

Captain Hammer did not throw any cars for once.

Pulp hero The Shadow came out of hiding to pose for me.

Freakazoid, enough said.

JEM was truly outrageous.


It was cool watching wall flowers throw away their fears and get down on the dance floor. What would be the point of going to a costume dance party just to stand around and watch? I understand the irony of my statement considering I played the part of stationary photographer for most of the night. Watching shy people dance without a care in the world put a smile on my face. Was it liquid courage? Maybe. Who knows and who cares? People had fun while dancing the night away with strangers.


The completion of the costume contests marked the waning of the dance party. What was once a fairly packed venue of super heroes (and villains), was now clear with the exception of dedicated dancers that were there to the end. I figured 99 Red Balloons (English version) by Nena, Just Like Heaven by the Cure and YMCA by the Village People served as a perfect trio of songs to cue my exit. For those who are bummed that they did not make it out to this event, worry not because the Pyramid Scheme and the Vault of Midnight plan on making these dance parties annual events to come.

Check out the rest of the gallery to see all the fun you might have missed out on.

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