Gail Simone at the Grand Rapids Comic Con 2019

Gail Simone is the creative and highly influential writer behind Clean Room, Wonder Woman, Crosswinds, and an ongoing plethora of enjoyable stories. I am honored to have her on as my 200th interview. Enjoy.

Questions/Topic Timestamps
0:07 Intro
0:47 Do you have a favorite iteration of the Secret Six?
1:25 Why did you want to use Black Orchid for the Secret Six?
1:46 Were there any particular cults that you were researching for Clean Room? Did you reach out to cult survivors?
3:57 For Clean Room, what was the most disturbing piece of art that Jon Davis-Hunt created for you?
6:38 Is Clean Room coming back?
7:13 Thoughts on Vertigo closing down
8:20 Were there any particular Vertigo titles that resonated with you?
10:06 You mentioned that you would’ve like to collaborate with David Bowie. Did you have anything in mind?
12:37 What David Bowie songs or albums would you recommend?
14:06 Have you seen him in concert?
14:15 What was your first live concert?
14:31 Have you read Neil Gaiman’s tribute: The Return of the Thin White Duke?
14:44 Were there any other musicians that had a huge impact on you?
15:33 Our luck with concerts and the lack thereof
16:30 Are you a fan of Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?
17:38 Will you continue the story of Cason and Juniper when Crosswind returns? Or will two other people the center of a new story?
18:14 Rachel Miller created a song for the Crosswind comic. How did the collaboration happen?
19:12 Do you read manga or watch anime?
22:15 Rifftrax Karate Cop and B-Movies
23:41 Thoughts on the upcoming Birds of Prey movie?
24:25 Upcoming Wonder Woman and Red Sonja Omnibuses next
24:56 Upcoming Projects
27:44 Website
27:56 Message for the Fans

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