Drunk on Comics Podcast interview with Joe, of MIGeekScene

Drunk on Comics did an interview with Joe (aka the guy who runs this site aka ME). If you want to know more about me and how MIGeekScene started feel free to check out this interview.

A little NFSWish

I had a great time being “interviewed” by Tony of Drunk On Comics. By “interviewed” I mean we had a conversation that didn’t follow any rhyme or reason. I can honestly say it was my favorite rare appearance on a podcast. I don’t get interviewed that often due to my busy schedule and other things. I would gladly appear on more and not for the sake of promoting my website. I just like having fun conversations with people. We talk about MIGeekScene’s origins, my interview research process, a few of my proud accomplishments, pro wrestling, manga and all sorts of fun stuff. Check it out.

Drunk on Comics Podcast 292: Interview with Joe Hubbard