Anjali Bhimani 2020

Anjali Bhimani is an actress, singer, and the kind personality behind the I Am Fun Size youtube channel.

Question/Topic Timestamps
0:07 Intro
0:26 The Coronavirus impact
5:03 Talk about your process for your I Am Fun Size videos. Do you take a topic and freestyle over it or do you write down bullet points before you film?
6:50 How do you remain authentic in the entertainment industry?
11:20 A momentary but entertaining break
12:21 Back to the authenticity topic
14:34 How Joe stays authentic
17:49 Why is Cat Stone a mentor to you?
21:04 Favorite role by Dame Maggie Smith?
21:59 A Special Guest Appearance
22:32 Back to Dame Maggie Smith
22:57 Have you met Dame Maggie Smith?
23:27 Meeting your idols
26:16 Favorite comedians?
28:21 Anjali’s standup comedy set
30:24 Did you learn something about yourself, while doing standup?
30:51 Musical Influences?
34:38 Are there any songs that you emotionally connect with?
37:35 The Beauty of Music
42:23 Underrated groups
43:37 Are there any music videos that you connect with?
45:20 Flying Lotus’ Never Catch Me video
46:56 Childish Gambino music videos
48:04 Do you plan on recording an album? If so, what lyrical themes would you like to explore?
50:46 Who would you like to collaborate with musically?
53:48 Recent Concerts
56:29 Bucket list groups or dream concert
58:02 Anj’s Singsational COVID-19 Relief Charity Drive
1:01:37 The impact of caring for one another
1:05:37 A Social Reset
1:09:40 Website
1:10:36 Message for the Fans

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