Geeks and Ink

Hey folks, got an awesome geek tattoo that you want to share on MIGeekScene?

I’m looking for tattoos that fit under the geek pop culture umbrella. Examples include tattoos based on comics, anime, video games, toys, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, furry etc.

Please include:

  • Your name
  • A description of the tattoo
  • What it means to you.

No nudity or offensive imagery please.

If you want to give a shoutout to the artist who did your tattoo, feel free to do so.

Please send a pic of it to [email protected]
or send it through FB messenger on the MIGeekScene page.

Submission does not guarantee inclusion onto the site. MIGeekScene reserves the right to refuse submissions. By submitting the picture to through FB messenger or email, you are granting permission for me to host the photo on the site for viewing purposes. 


A massive thanks goes out to Cassidy Rae Warner for her awesome artwork for this new section. See if you can spot the geek references we threw into this piece. Please check out (and support) her work at

Also, a big thanks goes to Tiffany Williwalker of Penguin Attack Studios for her chibi rendition of me. Please support her work too.