Welcome to Geeks and Ink, where we highlight awesome tattoos based on geek culture. Tattoos are a unique way in which we express ourselves. Not only do they show off art but they often have a story or meaning behind them. Find out what these tattoos mean to these people. 

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Dollie B

Tattoo: Boba Fett

Meaning: My sister and I did not grow up together, yet we both ended up being interested in similar fandoms. Her favorite is Star Wars. We decided to get matching tattoos and I told her it should be something we both love, to symbolize the love we share for one another regardless of how far apart we have been in life.

Tattoo Artist: Larry Shelby at Empire Tattoo Studio in Redford Mi.

Becca F

There is a lightning bolt scar on my wrist (actually a scar from a surgery) or the dark lord, who knows! I always thought it would be cool to add something to it, perhaps a flower. But it had to be Harry Potter related. Finally it dawned on me, a lily would be perfect! Referencing Lily Potter, Harry’s mother.

One night I was talking with artist Jeremiah Jaroch, and told  him my idea. He was stoked, and I booked my appointment a couple weeks later!

Dominik Valentin

I’ve always been a huge Tim Burton fan and always been into stop motion film. I wanted to get a whole sleeve of Tim Burton inspired tattoos. My first one started on my hand and it was the Mayor from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I wanted the one to be see the most to be my favorite one. The Mayor, from the Nightmare Before Christmas, was always my favorite character. It was always my favorite film as a kid. My mom always told me that my smile reminded her of the Mayor. It’s my favorite tattoo and a reminder of my mom.

Mark Wholihan

I’ve been playing Zelda since I was 5 years old and I’m 33 now. It’s been almost 30 years now, of playing this game. The lettering is from A Link to the Past. When you get the Book of Mudora, it translates the old Hyrulian text into English for us. The text states: The Hero’s Triumph on Cataclysm’s Eve, wins three Symbols of Virtue. The Master he will then retrieve, keeping the Knights’ line true.

Rosie and Mark Wholihan

My husband, Mark and I, have Mr. and Mrs. Pacman tattooed on our ring fingers. Originally, the ring, that Mark got me for the engagement ring, is very specific and it’s not technically wedding styled. It doesn’t have a wedding band that matches it. I didn’t really want to find one because I like it by itself since its special to me. Mark is a mechanic and it commonly happens that mechanics who wear rings will lose fingers because the metal will get stuck in different things that they are working on. He hates wearing rings and any other type of jewelry when he is working. Instead of getting a band for him and a matching band for me, we decided to get tattoos. It took us a few months to figure out what we wanted to get. At first, we wanted to do initials. We went down a list of things. One day, jokingly, I said: Why don’t we get Mr. and Mrs. Pacman? Then, we both felt that we should probably actually do that since we are gamers and we’re goofy. We thought it was great. So, we have Mr. and Mrs. Pacman as our wedding rings.

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