Geeks and Ink 2nd Session

Paul Leavitt Jr.

Attack on Titan opened up a whole new world of anime to me and it was the first anime my wife and i watch together all the way through.

Meg Hughey

This is my Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel tattoo done by Tempest Anderson at KFB Studios in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I  got this tattoo because I’m a big Marvel nerd, and I think Kamala is a fun, quirky character.

Phill Figgins

Fullmetal Alchemist: the first one is Alphonse and Edward’s family crest. For me, I guess that would be family not just blood related anyone you’d be willing to help out and do everything you can for them just like their relationship to each other.

The second is Roy Mustang’s alchemic symbol this would be strength to do what is right no matter what the circumstances.

Sara Howe

This one was done by Stu at Vivid Ink.  Vincent Valentine has helped me recover from my trauma that I have experienced. He’s given me the bravery and strength to take back my life from some very awful people.

This is my second Vincent tattoo.  I fell in love with this image so I got it. Done by Trish at Vivid Ink.

I got Sugintou in WI and the rest done at a shop in Indiana.  These are my 3 favorite Rozen Maiden characters.  Kirakishou represents my inner child basically.  She dislikes herself for the same reason i disliked myself.  She’s holding a match because i wanted to leave behind a painful part of my past by burning it. Sugintou is the strong woman that I wish I could be and Souseseki I just like.

Raeleen Hapeman

Left one is mine, right is my friend Sami’s. These we got as friendship tattoos from our favorite Ghibli movies.
Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle – left
Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro – right

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