Geeks and Ink 10th Session (Show Your Tattoos)

Welcome to Geeks and Ink, where we highlight awesome tattoos based on geek culture. Tattoos are a unique way in which we express ourselves. Not only do they show off art but they often have a story or meaning behind them. Find out what these tattoos mean to these people. 

Henry R

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My leg is Funko Pop Star Wars tattoos. I’ve got the Dark Side. All old school with none of the new people. I went with the main characters like Greedo, Darth Vader, General Grievous and things like that. I’m really huge into Star Wars and I love the Funko Pops. So, I made sure to incorporate both. I’m actually working on more for later on to add to it to do a full leg sleeve. So, it’s the Light Side and the Dark Side coming together in the middle.

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