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MIGeekScene 2016 Retrospective Part 4

Here are some photos of my journey through 2016. These photos resonated with me for various reasons. This album features pics from the Michigan Renaissance Festival and MeggaXP. Enjoy.

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Winter Haven 2016 Event #3

The ground itself trembles under the weight of the events to come.

With the dawn of a new year, the Witchwood Hold stands at a precipice. Behind the Heroes who reside there lies a legacy of deeds in which they have bested every foe, turned back every threat and carved from a chaotic land a place they can call home.

Before them, however, the path diverges. Two possibilities and only one certainty…

…the certainty that one of those paths leads to darkness and ruin. It is a certainty born of knowledge, and their own experiences in a time that was, but is no longer. The Heroes of the Witchwood turned back the clock and have made great strides against the fate they once knew.

Is it enough? The weapon they possess is incomplete, and the greatest threat they have known thus far now walks the land. The Black King searches for the keys to unlock the power with which he nearly brought the world to its knees. Only a few brave, stalwart men and women stand between him and the completion of his tyrannical ambition.

But there is hope.

The Heroes of the Witchwood are that hope. Assets have been gained, knowledge has been acquired, friends and allies have been brought to their side.

Trials are coming. Will they stand fast and unite as one, or will a craven traitor from within their own ranks seal their doom?

War is coming. Will they fight this war bravely as Heroes, or will they lose their only chance to spare their land from the Black Campaign?

The time is coming. What will YOU do?

Will you join the fight? Will you lend your blade, bow or voice to the Witchwood on this, the eve of its darkest hour?

Choose your path, tell your tale, find your destiny.

Winterhaven is coming.

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West Michigan Symphony presents HEROES AND VILLAINS

The WMS celebrates the dark side and the bright side of storytelling via the incredible soundtracks that set the scene for a host of unforgettable movie characters. Thrill to music from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rocky, Lawrence of Arabia, The Magnificent Seven, plus the premiere of Assassin Dances by Austin Wintory featuring violinist Sandy Cameron, compiled expressly for our 2016-17 WMS season.

Theme from Rocky
Lawrence of Arabia Overture
Theme from King Kong
Assassin Dances, featuring Sandy Cameron
Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean
Theme from Braveheart
Dances with Wolves
Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture


The Magnificent Seven
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
The Mission: Gabriel’s Oboe
Theme from The Godfather
Star Wars Suite: Princess Leia’s Theme
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Program subject to change.

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Events for the Week September 26th – October 2nd

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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The Monster Marketplace

Join the Flint Horror Collective for a day of freaky fun for the whole family.

The Monster Marketplace will have celebrity guests, vendors of the weird and wonderful, short films to tingle the spine, costume contests to set your nightmares afire, and the evening will end with a haunting performance from Lords of October in our film and performance room.

Heck, we even have an afteraparty planned!

This is a one day celebration of all things horror and Halloween. A day to let the little monsters roam with our inner monsters and a chance to meet fellow fans and to find that perfect art piece or collectible you’ve been desperate to have.

Our Guests Are –

TOM SULLIVAN – Artist and Make-up FX artist behind EVIL DEAD

SON OF GHOUL – Beloved horror host

JOHN E.L. TENNEY – Celebrated paranormal investigator and lecturer

MARK BLOODWORTH – Artist who has worked on DEADWORLD and Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER comics

JASON MOORE – Artist who has worked on BATMAN – HAUNTED GOTHAM among other work

We’ll have an Adult and Children’s costume contest in the later afternoon so come as your favorite monster, creature, or whatever your heart desires to win some amazing prizes.

The evening will end with a performance from Lords of October, a gruesome foursome that will send shivers down your spine in all the best of ways.

We have so much fun planned it’d take too large of a headstone to put it all down but trust us when we say that this will be the most fun you’ll have, above or below ground.

The Monster Marketplace is only FIVE DOLLARS and we hope to see you all there.

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Flint Zombie Walk 2016

Welcome to the 8th annual Flint Zombie Walk sponsored by Flint City Theatre! Flint Zombie Walk 2016 welcomes the undead to the streets on Flint! Join the event and partake in the zombie walk, a full day of entertainment, horror vendors and horror celebrities! Top it all off with giving to charity and you can’t lose!
This even it is pay-what-you-can.
Suggestion: $10

Providing Flint with a fun, unique undead experience once a year and helping out a great cause!
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Sixth Annual ArtPrize Fur Meet

It’s that time of year- ArtPrize! Once again we will be walking through downtown Grand Rapids to check out the artwork as well as mingle with the visitors (who probably don’t see giant walking stuffed animals on the street every day).

Accommodations are available for out-of-town guests at a cost of $50 per person. We will also make a food stop midway through the meet, so be sure to have money for that as well.

We will be meeting at the picnic shelter in front of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we’ll meet at 10 am and start walking at 11 am, while on Sunday we’ll meet at 11 am and start walking at 11:30 am.

Fursuiting is highly encouraged, though it may be subject to weather conditions. Ears, tails, badge and other furry gear are also encouraged.

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8-Bit Above

DJ Jaw
Leader and organizer of a new chip and dj collective on the west side of Michigan called Neko Gala!

The Fleshy Timeclock
Dark landscape ambient pads and industrial beats made on Nintendo DS and other electronic instruments.

Dragon 56
Gameboy dance and game tunes!

DJ Meowmix

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American Sewing Expo

Sewing, fashion, cosplay and quilting featuring apparel and costume designers, art quilt makers and teaching professionals at classes, seminars, workshops and exhibits. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, beginners and experts will experience ‘sew’ much creativity at the free hands-on projects, demonstrations, crafter do-it-yourself programs and live sewing challenge competitions. Featured celebrities and show instructors include couturier fashion designer, Threads contributing editor and author Kenneth King; sewing, embroidery and embellishment expert Hope Yoder; cosplay designer and author Kristie Good; Simplicity Patterns costume pattern designer Andrea Schewe; and fashion sewing expert from “It’s Sew Easy TV” Angela Wolf. The exhibits include sewing machines, sergers, machine embroidery, fabrics and supplies, embellishments, drafting, fitting, accessories, notions, threads, patterns, technology, kits, gadgets, embroidery designs, tools and other products and accessories for fashion sewing, quilting, costuming, needle arts, home decorating and wearable and fiber arts.

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Events for the Week September 19th – 25th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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