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Harry Potter in the Park Festival

In 1997 we learned of “The Boy who Lived”. Join us at Rogers Park in Sparta, Mi on Saturday, August 26th for our second annual event where we will be celebrating the return of school at Hogwarts and the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The magic will begin at 3:30PM. Your ticket includes entry into the park where you will be given the wizarding experience of the summer. The ticket includes all on stage events including a close out performance by Tonks and The Aurors along with Blandford Nature Center’s owl presentation, Collison Petting Zoo with their live snakes, gnome tossing, house sorting, a horcrux hunt a costume parade, a magic show, and much more. Don’t forget to check out the Diagon Alley vendors.

SEPARATE TICKETS will be available for the following classes due to limited space HERBOLOGY and Quidditch Training with the Grand Valley State University Grindylows. We will be competing for House Points this year with several events including an Arthur Weasley Rubber Duck Race. Ducks will be available for purchase through eventbrite with ticket and at the gate. Points will also be awarded for donations to the “Free Dobby to Help the Homeless” sock drive and a “Defense Against the Dark Arts” Lupin’s Dog Toy collection for our Fantastic Beast companion and shelter dogs in celebration of National Dog Day which is also August 26th.
Cosplay and costumes are welcomed and points will be given for house representation.

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Events for the Week Aug 21st-27th

A comic con, ren faire, a Harry Potter event and a Game of Thrones screening are in store for you this week.

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