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MI Mix Tape 2019 Track 1

Music is AWESOME!!!!!! Geek music is even better. Since music is one of the driving forces in my life, I’m making you a mix tape. Cool soundtracks, excellent covers, original tunes, and fun mashups are few of the attractions on this audio journey. You’ll never know what will pop up on MI Mix Tape. Why don’t you Press Play and find out.
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Ming Chen Bonus DLC (Audio) Interview 2019

During my initial interview with, podcaster supreme Ming Chen, I had to skip numerous questions due to time constraints. Since Ming was down for another interview, we dove into the other topics. Metroid, comics that ended too soon, traditional comic strips, A Tribe Called Quest, and concerts were among the numerous things we talked about in this long form interview. Put it on in the background and enjoy.

*Note* For some reason, my mike cut out for a good portion of the interview. I had to go back and do voice over for myself. If it sounds a little off, that’s why.
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Andre Batts at the Monroe Comic Con 2016

Andre Batts, of Urban Style Comics, talks about his his creator owned comics such as Dreadlocks and Black Watch. We also talk about his influences, Ninja Scroll, The Boondocks, Luke Cage and Dr. Strange amongst many other things in this informative interview.