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Super Heroes Unite Dance Party

The Super Heroes Unite marked the 3rd time the Vault of Midnight and the Pyramid Scheme joined forces to put on a costumed theme dance party. The first costumed themed party was the Batman dance party. The Villains Unite dance party followed a few months later. I attended the Villains Unite party and a wonderful time it was. How could I pass up the opportunity to check out the Super Heroes Unite event?

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George Benson of the Vault of Midnight

Upon entering the music venue room of the Pyramid Scheme, I noticed the promoter of the Super Heroes Unite dance party dressed as Aquaman. Instead of Arthur Curry, Aquaman was going by the name of George Benson that night. George, of the Vault of Midnight in Grand Rapids, was kind enough to do a quick interview on the spot.

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Similar to the Batman and Super Villain Dance Parties in 2014, we are back with DJ Adrian Butler and ready to kick off 2015 by assembling as many costumed heroes together as we can for the greatest night in the universe. The only question is… who is your inner hero?

There will be costume contests for best, worst, most mediocre and most original costumes!

Photo contests!

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