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Renaissance Masqued Dinner and Ball 2020

Shades of green!
Silent Auction to benefit the RESCU Foundation
GAMES: Musical Men, Musical Women, Coin Toss (Ladies bring your Bodice Chillers), Mask Contest, Garb/Costume Contest
(REMEMBER: If you are entering the Contests your Mask and Garb/Costume must include the theme colors and must be made by YOU)

Buffet Dinner $15.00. Does not include any drink.
Special Rum Drink for the evening will be available ( 😉 it is a secret)

Full Bar will be open. Invite your friends and family! Let’s make this the best year ever! Our goal is to raise $2500.00 for the RESCU Foundation.

Silent Auction begins at 3:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm
Group Picture at 7:00 pm
Games at 7:30 pm
Dancing starts at 8:30 pm

Events for the Week Jan 6th-12th

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Renaissance Masqued Dinner and Ball

The 11th Annual Renaissance Masqued Dinner and Ball

Silent Auction to Benefit The RESCU Foundation

Contest, Games, and Prizes

A Great Time, with Great Food, Drink and People!

Robyn the Bard is gracing us with his beautiful voice for the first time!
THE VILLAGE IDIOTS will be returning to tickle our funny bone!

DJ starts at 8:30 ish

$5.00 at the door pays for the LIVE Entertainment. This will also get you a collective Pin.

Dinners and drinks range in price. We will have the All You Can Eat Buffet again for $15.00.

Frankenmuth Motel – $69.00 for Friday Night and $85.00 for Saturday Night for a room with 2 Queen Beds



1. The costume / mask MUST include the theme colors
2. The costume / mask MUST be hand made!!! NOT STORE BOUGHT!!
That is IT!! Good Luck!!

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