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Motor City Comic Con 2016 (Part 2 of 2)

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Elden Henson at the Motor City City Comic Con 2016

I talk with Elden Henson from Netflix’s Daredevil series. Elden plays Foggy Nelson. We mainly talk about music and Daredevil in this quick one. Massive props for his love of Doom Metal.

Ivy Doomkitty at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

Prominent cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty gives the scoop on her thoughts on cosplay, body positivity, her affinity for villains and her love of Deftones.


M. Bison Photo courtesy of York in a Box

The Rogue’s Gallery at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

Two villains who have a podcast as part of community service. Meet Freakuency and Fugitive Color as they talk about their show and just being jerks in general. I barely escaped this interview alive.


Kam Komics at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

Kam Reynolds has created numerous comics such as I Hate U, Unikorn, and Samurai Granny. We talk about influences (comics and hip hop), hip hop and terrible movies. We love terrible movies. He even spits some rhymes at the end.


Vince Locke at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

Vince Locke is known as the artist who does all the album covers for Cannibal Corpse. We talk about his influences, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cannibal Corpse and his new comic Junction True. Check out this rare video interview. Not safe for work because of some gruesome artwork.