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Symphonic Boom presents rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes

What is one of the myriad of things that come to your mind when you think of video games? Is it the awesome visuals that delight your eyes? What about the engrossing stories that draws you in? Or is it the fun gameplay that keeps you at it for periods of time ranging from minutes to marathon long hour sessions? How about the music? Spend enough quality time with a video game and the music will crawl into your ears and embed itself into your mind. Since video games have been around for 40 plus years, it is safe to say that numerous tunes and compositions have made their way into our hearts and minds over time. These beloved songs have inspired various covers that run that gamut of very distinct genres of music. Rock, metal, polka and piano are only a select few of the hundreds of covers out there for your audio enjoyment.

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rePlay: Symphony of Heroes

Immerse yourself in your favorite video games! From the makers of “Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses,” this live concert experience takes gamers and non-gamers alike through the thematic stages of a hero’s journey, incorporating music from beloved franchises like Halo, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, and much more. Dramatic gameplay footage is perfectly synced with live orchestra and chorus for an unforgettable concert adventure!





rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes 2015

rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes 2015
February 7th, 2015

The Grand Rapids Symphony will be performing orchestral versions of beloved video game pieces. Various iconic games will be featured in this wonderful concert. Speaking from personal experience, you would not want to miss out on this. Who says that video game music is not capable of the status of high art? Mark your calendars.

DeVos Hall
303 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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