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GR8bit Live V – The Final Chapter

This the Final GR8bit Live.

Doors at 7:00pm | ages 18+ | $10
feat: Playing with Power + Arc Impulse + Super Guitar Bros
100% of proceeds used to buy gaming equipment for children’s hospitals

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Events for the Week June 26th-July 2nd

Cosplay, fan fiction and a video game charity concert are in store for you this week. Plus, one super awesome special day is happening this week too.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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GR8bit Live IV! Review

GR8bit Live is an annual Video Game Music (VGM) concert which serves as a fundraiser to purchase board game and video game equipment for the local children’s hospital. All of the proceeds from the event went towards the hospital. For the first two years, the event was held at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids. Last year, a convention was centered around the concert and held at DeVos Hall. GR8bit Live IV returned back to being a concert for this year. This time around, it was a 2 day concert event with activities attached.

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Tyson Rinehart at JAFAX 2016 Part 2

Part 2 of the awesome conversation I had with voice actor Tyson Rinehart. We talk about his enthusiasm for WWII history, punk rock influences and his band Bullet Machine. We also talk about video games, Spinal Tap moments while performing, Final Fantasy VII Machinabrigded and Puni Puni Poemy.


Tyson Rinehart at JAFAX 2016 Part 1

Voice actor Tyson Rinehart (Steins;Gate) has a kindred spirit conversation with me about Attack on Titan, the music industry, our love for Rumiko Takahashi, buying anime back in the 90s and punk rock.



GR8bit Live! is an annual video game music concert and charity in Grand Rapids, MI, benefiting the kids at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. ALL of the proceeds from the event will go towards buying video game equipment and board games for the kids at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Arc Impulse

Gimmick! Video Game Rock Band

Knight of the Round

Mail Order Monsters

Playing with Power

The Returners

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Hosted by Party Table

Calling all artists, beer drinkers, and beer-drinking local artists (21+)! Have you ever wanted to spend another evening meeting local creatives, exchanging ideas, and swapping techniques over a cold pint?

Lucky for you, you’ll get the chance again!

Come unwind and refresh your mental palette at another Party Table Drink and Draw. Join us at the Pyramid Scheme for an evening of sketching, drinking, or just drinking until your sketches look good. You bring your mad skills, or “talent,” we’ll bring the art supplies.

Crayons, pencils, and sharpies, as well as white and newsprint paper will be provided. General supplies may be limitied, but artists with more discerning tastes are encouraged to bring their own fancy pencil boxes for personal use!

This event is a chance for local creatives to gather together and exchange words and vision over a nice cold drink. The Pyramid Scheme’s venue will be set up with several rows of folding tables and chairs to accommodate a large crowd.

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