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Nonsense Night: “The Unconventional Convention”

Nonsense Night is going full nerdcore for this event.
Think COMIC CONVENTION but weirder & more intimate & in Detroit.

COSPLAY is strongly encouraged
(ANYcharacter from ANYuniverse is appropriate)
BOARD & CARD GAMES will be a thing that will be happening
(from Apples to Catan to Risk to Magic to Pokémon to Oranges)
L.A.R.P BATTLES will totally be a thing
(bring your own (foam) weaponry)
POKéMON GO will be going on
(there’s a gym at the venue & several Poké-stops near by)
STAR WARS will be prevalent
(of course)
(cosplay a Studio Ghibli character or you’re a coward)
EVERYTHING “nerdy” or esoteric is welcome.
Nonsense Night is about YOU bringing the weirdness.
This is not a concert. It’s HAPPENING starring YOU & your friends.

Musical performances by:
Wesley and the Crushers
Zak & What Army?
Aaron Phoenix Wright

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Pokemon Go – COOK OUT!

Hey all! With the huge release of Pokemon Go going on I thought it would be fun to do a Pokemon Go Cookout!

The battle between teams is a heated one! Lets show who is really best with some test of knowlodge, skill, and trainer power!

Represent your team in these events and win your team some prizes, glory, and bragging rights!
Teams will score points depending on the event and what place they get!
Winning Team of the entire time will have bragging rights, glory and a Small prize to take home! (While supplies last)

Each event will be 2$ Each OR We will be offering an all access pass for $25! All access passes will include!

Access to all Cookout events!
A Plate of food at the Cookout! (A 7$ value!)
Bandana of your choice! (Comes in each team!)

Current Events:
Doduo Race!
Pokemon Trivia (Resticted to Gen 1 FYI 😉 )
100 Yard Rapid- ash
Capture the Gym (Ongoing event throughout the cookout)
Save the Magickarp!
Scavanger Hunt!
Squirtle use bubble! – Water Balloon Fight!
Pokemon Theme Sing OFF!! (Original Opening! Here is the link!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyXTgqJtoGM)

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