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Yuri Lowethal at Youmacon 2016

Sasuke Uciha (Naruto), Simon (Gurren Lagann) and Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) are a paltry sampling of the numerous popular shows that Yuri has voiced for. We talk about Mad Max Fury Road, martial arts, Ninja Scroll, Dr. Who, charitable causes, steampunk, noir influences and many more topics in this engaging interview.

I always strive to create a fun and engaging interview for my guests. However, when the guest and I click right from the beginning, the real magic begins. Yuri Lowenthal was, by far, one of my favorite interviews of the year (and of all time)!


The Ninja Starship Annual One Year Anniversary Show

Come join us for a live 4 hour broadcast of Episode 52 ! The Ninja Starship Annual One Year Anniversary Show !Plus !!! Source Point Press will have a booth set up doing an in-store signing with a lot of your favorite Source Point creators.

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The Rogue’s Gallery at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

Two villains who have a podcast as part of community service. Meet Freakuency and Fugitive Color as they talk about their show and just being jerks in general. I barely escaped this interview alive.