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BlackRock Medieval Fest Revisited 2017

I had a sudden change in plans and it prompted me to do a surprise visit to BlackRock Medieval Fest. Enjoy these photos from my 4 hour stay.

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Events for the Week Aug 7th-13th

Pirates, Mercs, Dinos and Nerds. Oh My! 4 events for the week.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival – Pillage the Village

Take a step back in time where German History and Fairytales come to life. See the beautiful Queen Anna, her high strung Cousin the Duke of Kleves and his three troublesome sisters. Come and meet the Wicked Witch and her twin sister the Fairy Godmother, and all the characters in between. With a Viking Village neighbor, a real tavern, shows, shopping, food, events and games, the Enchanted Forest is a one of a kind experience that everyone wants to experience again and again!

Saving the best for last. How about Pirates, Vikings, Scallywags, Wenches, Mermaids, Buried Treasure and… Beer. Adventures to be had by both our SEA weathered buccaneers and the pint sized pirates. Let’s avoid the scurvy, and hard tack! Only the best in our village!!

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