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Pillage The Village at The Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival 2019

Pillage the Village
How about Pirates and Vikings and Wenches… OH MY… Join us land lubbers in our Tavern for a mead, visit a real life Viking Village and see their daily life. The pint sized pirates can sink a ship or talk to a mermaid. Join this mid-season scallywag shindig with both our sea weathered buccaneers and the fresh faced privateers. Let’s avoid the scurvy, and hard tack! Only the best, or worst depending on your perspective, is allowed in our village!

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2018 Gallery

Mermaid MegaFest 2019

Mermaid MegaFest 2019 is a festival of mermaids and pirates, dedicated to the preservation of our planet’s aquatic ecosystem through public awareness, community education, and social activism.

This Year’s Festival will take place in the beautiful beach town of South Haven Michigan located on the coastline of Lake Michigan, the 14th and 15th of June 2019. We are happy to announce that we will be working with, but not replacing, South Haven’s Harborfest this year!

2018 Photo Retrospective Part 3

Here are some photos of my journey through 2018. These photos resonated with me for various reasons.  This album features pics from my time at Shuto Con, the LTU Anime Con and Gaming Expo, Free Comic Book Day in Grand Rapids, and my first visit to the Buccaneer Bash.

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Shipwrecked: First Friday Downtown Monroe

Sure, there were pirates in the Caribbean, but the Great Lakes had them too! The pirates of the Great Lakes may not have had parrots on their shoulders & peg legs…but this event is all about fun & fantasy. So, dress up as your favorite character (pirate, mermaid, lighthouse, shark, etc.) and head downtown for some great maritime themed activities.

Check in at the Monroe County Museum for a printed event guide for this self guided adventure around Downtown Monroe.

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2018 Revisited

I made my way back to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, for the last Saturday of the season. Enjoy this farewell album.

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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2018

Here are my photos from a small one day visit to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Huzzah!!!

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Pillage The Village at The Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival 2018

Join us as we close or 2018 season in a piratical, pillaging and patriotic style. Join the Vikings, Pirates and Buccaneers, oh my! From mermaids, to wenches come see the ships make berth and the scalawags join the land lubbers for a wholly good time.

As a thank you for joining us on this fourth of July weekend, we’d like to honor our service members who work so hard for us. Active Duty, Veterans, Military Reserves, Military Retiree, Police, Firefighters and EMS in free this weekend with proper ID.

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Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival 2018

I returned to the cool Ren Faire held in a forest, called the Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival. Check out these photos. If you like what you see, there is one more weekend left (in June) to visit.

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Events for the Week June 25th – July 1st

Gaming, an anime con, a comic con, and a Ren faire are in store for you this week.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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