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The Wicked World of Roger Scholz

Roger Scholz is an Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Film-maker from Grand Rapids, MI. He follows two simple rules 1) do what you love. What he loves happens to be horror, monsters and all around creepy stuff, hot rods and beautiful women. Those things are the nucleus of his art. 2) simply do it, a mindset that ignores the obstacles and allows him to chase those ambitions.

Roger is a fixture in the national horror convention circuit usually doing two or three conventions monthly. He works as a Graphics Designer for a Grand Rapids printing company (Phase 3 Graphics) and is a partner and Creative Director for a local photography and film production company (Allied Productions). He entered the film word in 2012 with his directorial / screen-writing debut Meat.Puppets. Currently he, along with Allied Productions, is in production on his feature length film Sideshow.

Facebook: Roger Scholz
Facebook: Wicked Illustration
Facebook: Sideshow movie

Contact Linc Gallery for more info on exhibition times.

Waypoint 2015 – First Event

We are happy to invite everyone to the first event of 2015. After the winter break it will be great to see everybody again.


With the beginning of the 2015 season all players are required to purchase a 1 year membership for the purposes of insurance. New players are not required to pay for this membership. Memberships start at $15 and can be purchased here…


Event Pricing

At the Door – $30 Pre-Pay – $25 at http://waypointlarp.com/forms/preregistration.html (Currently locked but we will remedy this shortly) Veteran – $5 off Active Duty – Free (Membership required) New Player – Free (No membership required)

Season Passes

A great option for folks who love Waypoint but can’t always preregister due to work or other obligations. They can be purchased here…



Great so that we can expedite your check in process and get you out into the field where you can enjoy the game. Submit your character sheet and history here.


For those of you with in-between event actions from skills, abilities etc this will be your go to…

http://waypointlarp.com/forms/betweenevent.html (Also locked until we update site)

Event Check In/Out

We ask that players arrive no earlier than 5:00 PM unless you have special permission.

Check in starts at 6:00 PM Game on at 8:00 PM Game off at 12:00 PM

About Camp Lor-Ray

Camp Lor-Ray is located in Muskegon MI on Russel Rd off of US-31. It is split into two sides so upon entering you will see signs indicating where to go. Some of the amenities include…

– A tavern/common area with a full kitchen with all required cooking tools such as pots/pans/knives/utensils

– Shared cabins with electricity and bunk beds (Bring your own bedding. Electric heaters are allowed but we ask you to be mindful.

– Mens and Womens bathhouses with flush toilets and showers.

– Over 100 acres in trails and a beautiful lake that we can swim in when it is warm.

– Plenty of space for tent camping,

It is an absolute privilege to use Camp Lor-Ray and we ask that all of our players and staff treat the land with the utmost respect.


We encourage players to carpool when possible for a multitude of reasons. Please feel free to post on the event if you are able to provide players with a ride to and from the event or if you are a player in need.


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