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Ishpeming Renaissance Festival and Art Faire 2015

The Ishpeming Renaissance Festival and Art Faire is a one day event filled with music, art, crafts, costumes, vendors, and family fun. The day is filled with unique entertainment provided by quality art booths, authentic period performers, a variety of food and beverage vendors and costumes inspired by historical culture.

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Nerd Nite Ann Arbor July 2015

“Lasers, Supercomputers, and Urban Planning in Detroit”
We have an awesome trio of talks on tap this month! Laser artist Mike Gould gives us the skinny on building amazing light displays (with demos!), tech wizard Dave Strenski takes us on a historical tour of uber-powered computers, and urban planner Margi Dewar talks about the future of Detroit. You don’t want to miss it! So grab a friend, grab a beer, and cool your heels at Nerd Nite Ann Arbor!

Mike Gould “Runs with Lasers”
Local laser artist Mike Gould discusses his recent experiences with the Illuminatus Lasers Troupe.
The Quest for Mystic Fire – Lasers at Saline Celtic Festival (because, of course).
Talks with Lasers lecture/demo to educate kids and families to the wonders of coherency.
Tetraptych: 4 Panels, 12 Lasers, One Wall art piece for DLECTRICITY 2014
L is for Laser, his science museum piece.
Doing lasers at the UM Stadium half-time show during a night game. (Notre Dame, we won).
Upcoming entry into the Ann Arbor Art Center’s tech+art exhibit
Appearances at various Maker Faires, Art Prize, Ignite, FoolMoon, etc.
Tech+Art https://www.facebook.com/events/1682562868639987/

Dave Strenski “Calculating 10^18 Results per Second”
The world of high performance computing is changing. This presentation will run through a short history of computing highlighting the different types of computations used in computing’s past, including vectorization, parallelization, accelerators, and reconfigurable computing. From this historical perspective, the discussion will lead to what’s needed for the future to reach exa-scale (10^18 floating point operation per second) computing. It will also cover the types of applications that need exa-scale computing and the merging of high performance computing and data analytics.


Margi Dewar “Detroit: Planning a City After Abandonment”
Urban planning as a field focuses on managing development to shape the effects of growth on cities. But what can planners do in cities like Detroit where developing, redeveloping, rebuilding, and revitalizing are not possibilities? I will lay out directions with a few examples for a different kind of urban planning.

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Mikal kHill & Tribe One #TwoWeeksNotice

Mikal KHill (Charlotte, NC)

Mikal kHill is an emcee, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC. He is the founding member of The ThoughtCriminals, as well as the co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape and Syltherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock. He has performed countless shows all over the United States with artists as varied as Ceschi Ramos, MC Frontalot, Louis Logic, Random, Tribe One, Astronautalis, Sole, Awol One, Schaffer the Darklord and more. Described as “the Elliott Smith of nerdcore” by Z of Wired’s GeekDad, his music is engaging and emotionally resonant, walking the line between progressive hiphop and nerdcore with musical competence and style.

Tribe One (Atlanta, GA)

Tribe One is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who writes smart, personal and emotional songs about things like comic books and video games. He’s a bit of a nerd and he knows it. Revels in it, in fact. Having worked as a public librarian for eight years before making the jump to rapping full time, he is acutely aware that he is on something of a non-traditional path to rap stardom. But it’s exactly this nonchalance when it comes to fitting into the hip hop mainstream that allows Tribe One to be the engaging performer that he is. Able to switch from lightning fast speed raps to heartstring tugging storytelling at the drop of a hat, Tribe One has devastated audiences all over the country on tours with mc chris, MC Lars, Ceschi, Louis Logic, Adam WarRock and Mega Ran among others.

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My Parent’s Favorite Music at GR8bit Live 3

Chip-hop Rapper Steffeny “Steffo” Messinger of My Parents Favorite Music talks about hip hop, video game influences, the Master Pieces (her albums), and using music as a platform to spread awareness about trans/queer gender & sexuality issues. Another fun interview to add to my ever growing list.



Capitol Steam Steampunk Bimonthly, “Kilts, Celts, & Plaid”

Allow your Steampunk identity to Explore the Northern Realm…a land that’s culture is based on Scottish and Irish traditions. Dress in your normal steampunk and/or old timey garb or break out your kilts, plaid, & tweed and dress to fit the Northern Realm Aesthetic. Don your Kilt in the Kilt Contest or just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, great drinks and good friends. The Skye’s the limit folks, we just want you to enjoy yourself. Irish & Scottish traditional and punk music will be pumped through the aether for your listening pleasure. Plus, a special live music set from singer/songwriter/musician,Chris Russell. You might recognize Chris from the The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle or various other music projects in the area.
• Steampunk, Pirate, Ren Faire, and traditional garb (particularly kilts) suggested but not mandatory.

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Great Lakes Comic Expo Summer 2015

Don’t miss the next Great Lakes Comic Expo at Trinity Lutheran Church on July 18th, 2015. Comics, toys, and door prizes! General Admission is $3 (11AM to 4PM) and Early Bird Admission is $5 (enter at 10AM – with an Early Bird Only Door Prize Raffle at 10:45AM). The Early Bird Prize will be announced soon!

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