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Philharmonic Phright Night

Johann Sebastian Bach Toccata in D Minor
Richard Wagner Ride of the Valkyries
Paul Dukas The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Themes
Igor Stravinsky Infernal Dance from “The Firebird”
Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera
John Williams The Witches of Eastwick: Devil’s Dance
Klaus Badelt Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)
Michael Story Pit and the Pendulum (based on Edgar Allan Poe)
John Williams Suite from “Jaws”
Hans Zimmer Selections from “Man of Steel”
Florian Senfter Kernkraft 400 from “Zombie Nation”
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Winter Haven 2015 Event #4

Winter Haven is a Live Action Roleplaying Game based in West Michigan that focuses on dynamic storytelling, immersive roleplaying and safe, engaging combat. We welcome players of all types, backgrounds and experience levels who are at least 18 years of age. Your first event is always free, and our Game Masters are happy to help new players get acclimated to the world.

Players arrive on Friday evening for check-in, and after a brief introductory meeting the action begins. The characters live in a land known as the Witchwood Hold, a massive forest that is home to many diverse tribes of people. It is also a place of great mystery, with the relics of ancient civilizations and creatures both benign and terrible waiting to be found. Players can explore the world, seek out allies and adventures, quest for items of power and make new friends amongst the denizens of our rich and vibrant world. There will be challenges and opportunities for characters of all types: enemies to defeat, legends to reveal, mysteries to solve and puzzles to master.

Our events last all weekend, ending early on Sunday afternoon. We allow for a brief break in the action on Saturday afternoon, and while there are always things to do, many of our players take the opportunity to enjoy a meal together at a nearby restaurant or cook a tasty dish in our on-site kitchen. Our camp (http://camplor-ray.org/) features hundreds of acres of wooded trails, a large building that we use as an “Inn” as well as a bath house with restrooms and showers. There are also several cabins with bunks for players to sleep in, though events and adventures in the Witchwood Hold don’t stop when the sun goes down.

New players will want to bring bedding, food, bug spray, sun screen and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Costumes and LARP safe weapons are also a must, and our friendly Weapons Marshal will inspect all weapons to ensure a safe LARPing experience. Many of our players make their own “garb” and weapons, but people interested in purchasing weapons and costuming can check out our store at http://www.waypointgames.com/. Rules and guidelines for the creation of safe LARP weapons can be found in our rulebook. A free PDF copy of our rules is available on our website at www.winterhavenlarp.com.

While your first event is always free, returning players are asked to pay a modest event fee ($30.00) each weekend to help cover the costs of the camp and sign up for a yearly membership (annual fee of $15.00) that provides insurance for all participants. That membership also transfers to the other games associated with Living Imagination Media: Final Haven LARP and Waypoint LARP.

Our staff is happy to answer questions, and you can contact us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/WinterHavenLARP/) or by e-mail at [email protected]

See you at the game!

Star Trek: Live In Concert

Boldly go where no one has gone before in J.J. Abrams’ acclaimed Star Trek (2009), presented in HD on the big screen while your Grand Rapids Pops performs Michael Giacchino’s unforgettable score live!

©2009 Paramount Pictures. ™ CBS Studios Inc.

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Grand Rapids Comic Con 2015

Grand Rapids Comic-Con is a comic book and popular arts convention that will be held on October 16-18, 2015, at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This show will feature a huge vending room selling comic books, anime/manga, movie memorabilia, action figures, toys, and other cool stuff as well as the following:
Several appearances by Hollywood celebrities
A good amount of comic book artist appearances
A giant vending room, well over 40,000 square feet!
A genre-themed film festival sponsored by Compass College Of Cinematic Arts
An anime programming room sponsored by Jafax
A world-class art show by Dan’s Dream
Costume contest
Electronic gaming room operated by Nintendo
Board and card gaming room sponsored by Capital City Collectibles
Magic: The Gathering tournament
Nerd car show
501st Legion Of Stormtroopers
USS Sinclair
Squirrels Creations Transformers display
West Michigan LEGOs train display
Lots of event for the little ones
…and a lot more!



Shadowed Realms October Event

Come join the adventure!
Mysteries, treasures, & tales are yours for the taking. Will you help the small outpost of Epohwen make a name for its self? Will you hinder them? Or will you walk another path? Whatever you choose; it is sure to be filled with fun, adventure, joy and sorrow.

Event fee’s

Edge-wood fee – $25 if you have yet to pay your Edge-wood fee.

Shadow Realms Fee – $20 if you have already paid your edge-wood fee you only have to pay $20. If you are paying for your Edge-wood fee you do not have to pay the Shadowed Realms fee.

One day event – $10

First Event? Don’t worry it’s free.

Only want to NPC? Don’t worry that’s free as well.

Just a friendly reminder, do not show up on the field before 7:00 PM! Also everyone has to be off field by five on Sunday.

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Fury Road to Thunderdome – A Mad Max themed RELOADED Gathering

War Wagons, War Bikes, War Boys and War Girls unite for royal cage fighting, bloody roller battles and high octane mayhem.

The first annual gathering will be held at the Tangent Gallery / Hasting Ballroom. One night of lights, fights and primal rage that will set the heart racing.

Live action performances by:
Dead in 5
Eprom Colony
The Deity and Hematosis

Reloaded Derby match featuring –
The ladies of Voracious Vulvalinas.

Reloaded Brawls featuring –
Mayhem – The Alpha vs MayDay The Death Dealer

Live flamethrower demonstration by Ion Productions

Special cast of Outcasts:
Leena Mynx Allure
Eva Lynn
Vince AFixed
Satori Circus
Sadie Tate
Grinder Girl
Brittany Bellus
Ray Skyfire
Angelus Teine

MC- O.C.Dingo aka Chris Smith

Eve Severe
Jay Itchon

Visit our verocious vendors:
Armageddon Beachparty Detroit
D’Tritus dark green art by John Juan
Zachariah Ribera
Menage Detroit
Lily’s Steampunk Emporium
Savage Inceptions
Armored Hearts Chainmaille Jewelry
Wholihan’s Wares
Jerry Shirts
Spike Art
Off the Beaten Path Books

Futuristic art installed and managed by:
Brian Lewandowski
Call for art:

Call for art will be everything Mad Max
Art, Constructs, Vehicles, Bikes, vendors and the max in Mad Max Cosplay.

So get you blow torches, paint brushes and motor oil in gear….This will be EPIC.

Early$15 Till Sept 12th
Adv$20 Dos$25

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