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Steampunk Game Night

Capitol Steam Steampunk Society presents Steampunk Game Night. Come out in your Steampunk finest and bring your board games, card games, dice games, suggest parlor games, or come play our games. No head games. Just Steampunks having fun. Free event, donations are welcome.

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Winter Haven 2016 Event #1

The ground itself trembles under the weight of the events to come.

With the dawn of a new year, the Witchwood Hold stands at a precipice. Behind the Heroes who reside there lies a legacy of deeds in which they have bested every foe, turned back every threat and carved from a chaotic land a place they can call home.

Before them, however, the path diverges. Two possibilities and only one certainty…

…the certainty that one of those paths leads to darkness and ruin. It is a certainty born of knowledge, and their own experiences in a time that was, but is no longer. The Heroes of the Witchwood turned back the clock and have made great strides against the fate they once knew.

Is it enough? The weapon they possess is incomplete, and the greatest threat they have known thus far now walks the land. The Black King searches for the keys to unlock the power with which he nearly brought the world to its knees. Only a few brave, stalwart men and women stand between him and the completion of his tyrannical ambition.

But there is hope.

The Heroes of the Witchwood are that hope. Assets have been gained, knowledge has been acquired, friends and allies have been brought to their side.

Trials are coming. Will they stand fast and unite as one, or will a craven traitor from within their own ranks seal their doom?

War is coming. Will they fight this war bravely as Heroes, or will they lose their only chance to spare their land from the Black Campaign?

The time is coming. What will YOU do?

Will you join the fight? Will you lend your blade, bow or voice to the Witchwood on this, the eve of its darkest hour?

Choose your path, tell your tale, find your destiny.

Winterhaven is coming.

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Anime Park 2016

Welcome to Anime Park! We are a small convention located in Canton, Michigan one of the only known cons run by only high schoolers! Here at Anime Park we like to connect otakus  in an event we like to call an anime convention. Anime Park offers most things that larger, more established cons provide, like our dealers room, artists alley, a maid cafe, panels and so much more! The best thing about about Anime Park is that admission is by donation, and any profit we make goes right back into making this convention even better!

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Save The Brains 5k

This 5k and 1 mile survivor tribute walk is a fundraiser for the Brain Tumor Alliance, a non profit organization that raises funds for research of brain cancer and also assist brain cancer patients have a better quality life while raising awareness. The cost of this event is $25. This is a fun adventure through a beautiful trail, but beware you never know if there could be zombies lurking near by. Along with a DJ and a special performance by The Thriller Dancers from the Flint Zombie Walk. Don’t miss this good time for a great cause!!

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