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Grand Rapids Toy Show March 2019

Its been happening for 24 years.
​You’ll find Antique Toys, Litho Tin & Pressed Steel, Die Cast, Battery Operated & Wind-Ups, Dolls, Bears , Furniture, Games, Playsets, Pedal Cars , Vehicles, Promos, Models, Hobby, Radio Control, Movies Posters / Autographs, Steam & moblilia, Sci-Fi / Action, Farm / Western, Aviation / Military, Fast Food Promotionals, Comic / Disneyana / Characters, Racing Colletibles, Advertising, Coin Op & Vending And More!

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Gamers for Giving 2019

Gamers for Giving is a competitive gaming tournament and LAN party that helps generate resources for the initiatives of Gamers Outreach. Funds raised from the event help support Gamers Outreach charity initiatives, such as building portable gaming carts for children in hospitals.

Aside from fundraising, as gamers, it’s also our focus to host a great event for our supporters. Gamers for Giving provides a welcoming, friendly environment where gamers can come together to play their favorite video games in a clean, social, and competitive atmosphere. Simply by participating, gamers are making a positive impact in people’s lives through resources generated by the event.

Gamers for Giving 2019 will take place within the main arena of the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center during the weekend of March 23rd & 24th. The event will also be streamed on Twitch.tv. Stream information can be found here.

CARPS March 2019

Central Action Role-Playing Society
We are a high-fantasy LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) group that is currently based in Southeast Michigan. You may already be familiar with tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons or White Wolf products. If you are, the difference between an RPG and a LARP is that RPGs consist of half a dozen or so players sitting around a kitchen table with dice and a single Game Master, whereas a LARP is a cross between an elaborate theatre production, live combat, and a hike in the woods. LARPs such as ours have costuming, boffer weapons, and dozens of players whose actions influence not only what you can accomplish but the course of an entire fantasy world. If you aren’t, well, them’s the basics.

Greetings to all new and prospective players! As always, your first event is free, with a free rewrite should you decide you would rather play a different sort of character or have a different set of skills. (You must be 18 to play.)


The Music of Harry Potter March 17th

Sunday, March 17
2:30-3:30 pm
Pre-concert activities
Instrument Petting Zoo

ALL patrons (including little ones) MUST have a ticket to enter the event.

4 pm

Come in your favorite Harry Potter costume! Ollivander has been hard at work crafting wands — have one pick you at the preconcert activities. There will be a myriad of real instruments for youngsters to try in the Michigan Theater lobby before the concert at the Instrument Petting Zoo.

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The Music of Harry Potter March 16th

Saturday, March 16

6:00- 7:30 pm
Muggle Cocktails & The Ring of Steel Action Theatre and Stunt Troupe in Harry Potter costume
Come in your Hogwarts uniform and enjoy a muggle cocktail, capture your best selfie of the year with the actors from Ring of Steel recreating Harry Potter memories.

8 pm

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Con Ja Nai XXV

Come join us for a momentous milestone in Animania history: Con Ja Nai’s 25th anniversary!

That’s right! For 25 glorious years, Con Ja Nai has been (not) a con that has brought many people together, from the community, through their shared love of anime. Throughout these 25 years, we have seen many familiar faces, new faces, and have made many memories with them all. We are proud that CJN has lasted so long, and we thank everyone who has come in past years for making this con popular enough to carry on for more than two decades.

That being said, Con Ja Nai XXV will be happening Saturday, March 16th at the Modern Languages Building on the University of Michigan campus. We, at Animania, have been working very hard this year to prepare a con that is bigger and better than ever! Come enjoy various panels, vendors, games, our wonderful maid cafe, and anime!

Lansing Doll Show Spring 2019

Dealers from four states displaying a wide variety of antique German & French bisque, cloth, composition, vinyl, hard plastic dolls as well as bears, doll related items like clothing, shoes, wigs, parts, jewelry, dollhouse & miniatures, some toys including Hot Wheels.
Door Prizes, Identification/Valuation, Restringing, Dealers looking to buy.Handicap Accessible
Adults: $4.00; Children under 12: $1.00; Parking: FREE