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We can’t wait until Halloween, so we decided bring back our special Valentine’s event! On Saturday Feb. 16th, we will open for “Love BITES”. This is the ultimate date night for you and your boil or ghoul – but it gets even better! On this night, we will run the entire haunt in total darkness…YES, darkness! You will only have a dim flashlight (that we provide) to navigate your way through. But wait – will there be the actors, animatronics, smells and sounds that Awaken is known for??? YESSSSS, everything else will be up and running. So grab your sweetheart, friends, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, neighbors, someone off the street, and head out to Awaken Feb 16th, you won’t want to miss it! Tickets will be available for pre-purchase online or at the ticket window on the day of the event.

Events for the Week Feb 11th-17th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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