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Steampunks and the Velvet Hammer!

Our local gathering spot, Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, is celebrating 10 years! We have been asked to join the festivities as guests, and whoever shows up in steampunk garb, they have said that they will buy them their first round!

From their event page:
“Whether you call us the microbrewery or Corner, we’ve been a part of the Ypsilanti community for ten years as of June 2016. And that is one heck of a reason to celebrate!

Velvet Hammer 10 is aging in its barrel as we plan its anniversary celebration: a day filled with spectable and wonderment including a guest appearance from the Steampunk mob, performers from The Detroit Circus, live piano music from an extraordinary Ypsi local, Halcyon Sound DJs, and, of course, the annual Vertical Tasting in the brewery.

Vertical Tasting tickets are $100 and go on sale MAY 1ST -available for purchase at the main bar or by phone at (734) 480-2739. Check out the vertical tasting event page for more details!

There is no cover for the anniversary celebration in the main bar and beer garden!!

Stop by for the early happy hour noon-4 pm and spend the day reveling in this magnificent sour until the night comes and the dance party begins.”

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JAFAX 20 Interview

JAFAX (Japanese Animation, Film, and Art eXpo) is a long running anime convention in Grand Rapids with 19 years of history. Rae and Jon talk about this awesome convention and the guests. Check it out.


Cedar Springs Renaissance Faire 2016

Once again, I was able to visit the Cedar Springs Renaissance Faire at Morley Park. Enjoy these photos from the fine Saturday that I attended. Huzzah!!!!

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Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival 2016

My visit to a cool Ren Faire inside of a forest in Vassar, MI. Check out these photos.

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Drink and Draw: JAFAX 2.0 Preparty

Calling all local artists, booze drinkers, anime fans, manga readers, and local booze-drinking-anime-fan-manga-reading artists! Have you ever wanted to prep for the upcoming JAFAX Anime Convention by meeting local creatives, exchanging ideas, and swapping fandom stories over a cold pint?

Lucky for you, you’ll get the chance! And this time the party is gonna be too kawaii to live and too sugoi to die!

Come prepare for JAFAX 2.0 and ready your mental palette at another Party Table Drink and Draw. Join us at the Sundance Grill & Bar for an evening of sketching, drinking, just drinking until your sketches look good, and talking about anime. You bring your mad skills, or “talent,” we’ll bring the art supplies.

Crayons, pencils, and sharpies, as well as white and newsprint paper will be provided. General supplies may be limited, but artists with more discerning tastes are encouraged to bring their own fancy pencil boxes for personal use!

This event is a chance for us anime obsessed local creatives and JAFAX aficionados to gather together before a weekend indulging in some fantastic fandom to exchange wisdom and vision over a nice cold drink. A private room will be reserved at the Sundance Grill & Bar that will seat 40 so room and supplies will be limited. First come first serve.

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Geek-Stuff Garage Sale Summer 2016

We’ve GOT it! June 25th at Big Kidz Games on Plainfield! GEEK STUFF GARAGE SALE!! This is an outdoor event, so plan and dress accordingly. We’re looking forward to seeing you! Our mission is to bring all genre of geek-consumers together in proud brotherhood that we may share, show, and help build our mutual collections. The goal is to keep participation in the garage sale free so as to encourage, but not profit from, collecting.

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JAFAX 2016 (Fri/Sat)

Check out these photos from Friday and Saturday afternoon from the returning JAFAX.

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JAFAX 2016 (Sat/Sun)

Final batch of photos from JAFAX 2016. Saturday afternoon to closing time on Sunday are the name of the game of this album from the returning event.
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Samantha Inoue-Harte at JAFAX 2016 Part 1

Samantha Inoue-Harte is a voice actress, animator and producer. This fun interview started off as an interview but quickly changed into a conversation about animation, Berserk and Clerks. Check it out this first part.